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The His Dark Materials trailer arrives to fill HBO’s Game of Thrones void

Game of Thrones might be over, but HBO is staying in the epic fantasy business. His Dark Materials will adapt Philip Pullman's young adult series for TV, and its new trailer is full of danger, magic, and polar bears.
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Looking for podcasts? Google lets you find and play them in its web search

Not content to simply have its own dedicated podcasts app, Google is now letting people find podcasts from within its web search, and play the most recent episodes inside a dedicated web-player.

Ambitious but not rubbish: The best Top Gear episodes

Since its relaunch in 2002, Top Gear has become required viewing for any serious gearhead. The great moments from this show may seem too numerous to count, but we've managed to pick some of the highlights from the first 26 seasons.
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Discovery partners with BBC on nonfiction streaming service

Discovery has unveiled its plan to launch a nonfiction on-demand service with the BBC, giving exclusive rights to stream such monster hits as Planet Earth and Blue Planet. It's expected to go live in 2020 for about $5 per month.
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BBC clarifies decision to pull its podcasts from Google platforms

In an apparent dispute over access to listener data, the BBC has pulled all of its podcasts from Google platforms like Google Podcasts, leaving fans of the content in search of alternatives ways to access their favorite shows.
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BBC turns to California court in bid to find ‘Doctor Who’ leaker

The BBC is asking a California court to help it discover who leaked footage from an upcoming season of Doctor Who. The content was shared on the Tapatalk app, and the court can compel the California firm to reveal the source.

BBC Sounds app features its 18 national radio stations and lots of podcasts

Radio fans can now check out Sounds, a new app from the BBC featuring all of its audio output that includes live radio shows, catch-up services, and lots of podcasts across a wide range of genres.

Learn about the roots of the modern computing with the BBC’s free archive

If you would like to learn where the modern computing revolution started, the BBC's newly expanded Computer Literacy Archive can show you, with more than 260 documentaries from the 80s and 160 BBC Micro programs to try.

A year on, ‘BBC Dad’ reflects on internet stardom and life since ‘that’ video

It was exactly a year ago when a chaotic BBC interview turned Robert Kelly and his family into overnight stars. Reflecting on the experience a year later, he says life's been "mostly fun, sometimes weird."
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To little surprise, Netflix renews ‘Black Mirror’ for season 5

Black Mirror is one of the unique shows around and has built a sizable following. Netflix knows what the fans want, which is why the techno-thriller anthology series will be back for a fifth season.
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The world is coming to a fiery end in Hulu’s new original series ‘Hard Sun’

The new pre-apocalyptic conspiracy thriller Hard Sun follows two London cops as they uncover the truth about the future of the world -- a secret that powerful government forces are desperate to keep hidden.

Artificial intelligence now used in new tools to sharpen your debating skills

The Center for Argument Technology teamed up with the BBC to produce two online tools using artificial intelligence to sharpen your debating skills. Both focus on the topic of abortion.
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From ‘Sherlock’ to Dracula? Team might tackle TV series about iconic vampire

Sherlock series creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are reportedly working on a deal to develop a new television show based on Bram Stoker's Dracula for the BBC that could have a format similar to Sherlock.
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Twitter is working with the BBC to live-stream British election specials

Following last year's partnership with Bloomberg to live-stream the American presidential debates, Twitter is now working alongside the BBC for its latest live-streaming collaboration.

Microsoft shows off Parkinson's wearable during keynote at Build 2017

A graphic designer diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at 29 has regained the ability to draw and write thanks to a wearable device designed by Haiyan Zhang, Microsoft Research Cambridge's innovation director.

Watch this BBC film crew narrowly escape a volcanic eruption

A BBC film crew had a lucky escape recently when Italy's Mount Etna suddenly erupted during filming. The camera operator kept the video rolling as the crew -- along with dozens of tourists -- ran to safety.
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BritBox is a new streaming service for U.S. fans of British TV

Love British TV? Then a new video-on-demand service called BritBox may appeal. It's just launched in the U.S. and costs $7 a month. Offerings include a mix of classic and recent content, and you can try it out for free.
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Fifth and final season of sci-fi series ‘Orphan Black’ will premiere this June

Orphan Black fans finally have a premiere date for the fifth and final season, when they'll finally get to see what happens with the Neolution clones, and get some closure to the story.