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Belkin chargers side-by-side comparison.

Belkin just made a huge bet on sustainability at CES 2023

Belkin has taken to CES 2023 to announce updates for some of its most popular accessories, which will now be made with post-consumer recycled plastic.
Belkin BoostCharge Magnetic Wireless Car Charger seen from the side attached to an air vent.

My favorite iPhone MagSafe in-car holders are Cyber Monday bargains

The best iPhone docks for 2022

Image of the Boost Charge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with devices ontop.

Belkin’s sleek 3-in-1 MagSafe pad charges up your iPhone 13, other Apple devices

belkin boost charge 3 in 1 magsafe wireless charger

Belkin gets MagSafe right with the sleek Boost Charge 3-in-1 charging dock

Belkin Boost Charger Pro

Belkin’s MagSafe Boost Charger Pro glams up the humble iPhone charging stand

belkin soundform freedom true wireless earbuds ces 2021 news earbud

Belkin’s new true wireless earbuds have Apple’s location-finding superpowers

belkin magsafe car vent mount pro hands on features price photos release date

Belkin’s new iPhone car vent mount is the first MagSafe accessory we recommend

Echelon Stride

The 13 best gifts for runners

berlman flash furniture officebest office chair deals amazon back to school 2020 ergonomic desk 2

Amazon cuts $20 off Belkin Dual Wireless Charger for Black Friday

belkin wireless charger deal prime day 2020

This top-rated Belkin Wireless Charger is $25 for Prime Day

early prime day deal save 30 on mophie wireless charging pad 2020 charger hot

The best cheap wireless charging pad deals we’ve found this Prime Day

The best tech gifts under $50

Looking for a cool gift for the tech-savvy person in your life? With the price of tech always in flux, everyone is on the lookout for quality on the cheap. Just because you're trying to keep costs down, however, doesn't mean you have to settle for something janky. Here's the best tech under $50.
belkin trueclear pro review

Belkin’s special machine puts an end to one hateful aspect of phone ownership

No-one wants to fit a screen protector to their phone, as it's always a pain. Belkin wants to make it much easier to do this with a special machine you'll find in Apple Stores and network partners. We tried it to see if it can cure the pain of fitting a screen protector.
iphone 8 plus wireless charging pads review anker powerwave 6

Mophie vs. Belkin vs. Anker vs. iOttie: Finding the best wireless charging pad for iPhones

Ever since wireless charging for the iPhone was introduced almost a year ago, an influx of different wireless chargers have appeared on the market. We tested the Mophie, iOttie, Anker, and Belkin wireless charging pads to see which one provided the best charging experience for the iPhone 8 Plus.
iOttie Ion wireless chargers

From Belkin to iOttie, these are the best wireless chargers at CES 2018

CES 2018 seems to be home to a slew of wireless charging pads, stands, and mounts. Here are some of the best wireless chargers we could find.
wireless charging

Get your phone juiced up quickly with Belkin’s new wireless charging stations

Looking for a quick charge? Belkin introduced a number of new wireless charging solutions as well as quick charge wall adapters at CES.
wireless charging

Mophie vs. Belkin vs. RavPower: Who has the best wireless charging pad?

We tested the Mophie, RavPower, and Belkin wireless charging pads to see which one provided the best charging experience for the iPhone 8.
Linksys Max-Stream EA8300 review

Researchers find 10 vulnerabilities in 25 network routers supplied by Linksys

IOActive Labs published a report stating that it discovered 10 security vulnerabilities residing across 25 network routers sold by Linksys.
linksys ea8300 router ac2200 band steering

Linksys’ new tri-band router supports wireless device in-home ‘roaming’

Linksys launched the EA8300, a Wireless AC networking router packing one 2.4GHz and two 5GHz connections to support "roaming" devices.
belkin mixit duratek usb c cable iphone charging

Belkin’s new Kevlar-reinforced USB Type-C cable is built to last

If you're tired of USB-C cables that tear under stress, Belkin's new Mixit Duratek cable could be exactly what you've been looking for.
dt holiday gift guide 2013 living belkin wemo  1

WeMo vulnerability reminds us that IoT security needs to be taken seriously

A hot topic in the Internet of Things marketplace in the past year has been the security of these new home ecosystems, for good reason.
deal wireless iphone 7 headphones wont break bank press

Want to charge your iPhone 7 and listen to music? Belkin offers $40 dongle

The iPhone 7 has been released without a headphone jack, causing some backlash toward Apple. There are, however, a few ways to get around this.
phyn water waste screen shot 2016 05 28 at 12 30 41 pm

Belkin partners up for Phyn, which will make devices to help you use less water

There's a brand new company looking to solve the seemingly endless water crisis, and its name is Phyn.
Belkin Apple Watch iPhone Charger

Hands on: Belkin Charge Dock

Belkin WeMo sensors

Belkin’s WeMo gets smarter with four new sensors announced at CES

Belkin bolstered its WeMo line of smart home products at CES 2015 with a new line of sensors that give users even more control.
belkin mr coffee wemo maker screen shot 2014 11 at 9 50 10 am

Belkin and Mr. Coffee joined forces to make a connected coffee pot

After dipping its toes into the world of connected appliances with a smart crock pot, Belkin has collaborated with Mr. Coffee to build a smart coffee maker
belkin sheds light upcoming wemo smart bulbs screen shot 2014 01 06 at 8 49 am

Belkin sheds light on it’s upcoming WeMo smart bulbs

Belkin has just pulled the curtain back on the latest addition to its WeMo line of connected home products: a set of smart LED bulbs and a network hub

WeMo sensors now supports IFTTT on multiple devices

Belkin has announced that the WeMo product line will now support multi-device control via If This Then That (IFTTT) service.

Belkin’s Dyle Mobile TV Receiver brings network TV to the iPad, no Internet required

belkin thunderbolt express dock side

Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock finally available for $300

Belkin recently announced the availability of its $300 Thunderbolt Express Dock. It comes with a bunch of ports, including two Thunderbolt connections.
wi fi routers hack wifi router flickr

Study: Popular Wi-Fi routers are easy to hack, and there’s no foolproof way to secure them

A study reveals the vulnerabilities in some of the most popular Wi-Fi routers out there. A fix has yet to be issued to make the devices more secure.
Best gaming accessories

Best PC gaming accessories

Our experts pick the top 10 best PC game accessories, including keyboards, mice, gamepads and joysticks.

Slingbox challenger Belkin@TV streams recorded TV anywhere

Industry analysts are abuzz about whether the Belkin@TV can compete with the well-established Slingbox.