TCL is set to innovate with new mobile display technology

TCL, the Chinese manufacturer behind BlackBerry, Alcatel, and Palm phones, may be ready to step out of the shadows with some impressive display tech. The company has shown a willingness to experiment and innovate that’s sadly lacking in…

BlackBerry sets own pace for 2019: Strikes Verizon deal, but no 5G phone coming

BlackBerry has struck a deal with Verizon to sell the Key2 LE phone through its Enterprise division, reigniting a successful partnership from the brand's early days. We sat down with the company to talk 5G, and what's next.

BlackBerry survey: Consumers don’t trust connected devices to keep data secure

BlackBerrry communication security specialists surveyed more than 4,000 adults about their opinions of connected device security and privacy. Most consumers do not trust Internet-connected devices and would pay extra for secure products.

Atomic-colored BlackBerry Key2 LE arrives just in time to bring holiday cheer

TCL teased that it would release two new BlackBerry phones with keyboards this year, and it has stayed true to its promise. The company announced its latest handset, the BlackBerry Key2 LE, at IFA 2018 in Berlin.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. BlackBerry Key2: Productivity powerhouse punch-out

If you're after a top-notch business companion and productivity is paramount, then Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 and BlackBerry's Key2 are devices you're going to want to take a closer look at. We put them head to head to see which is best.

Here’s how to get the best from the BlackBerry Key2’s camera

You probably bought the BlackBerry Key2 for its keyboard or security features, but it also has a great dual-lens camera that's ready to take some great shots. Here's our guide on getting the best from the BlackBerry Key2's camera.

The Blackberry Key2 smartphone is now available in the U.S.

BlackBerry's Key2 is likely to be the best keyboard-equipped phone in 2018, with a modern look, some powerful specs, and totally revamped features. Here's everything you need to know about it.

No peeking! How to use BlackBerry Locker to keep your privates private

BlackBerry Locker is a useful feature on the BlackBerry Key2, KeyOne, and Motion Android phones. It's a secure section of the phones that can't be accessed without your fingerprint to keep private photos and files away from prying eyes.

Shrug off smartphone snoopers with BlackBerry's Privacy Shade

You want to stop someone reading your emails over your shoulder? With BlackBerry's Privacy shade feature on the KeyOne and Key2 phones, you can avoid such snooping. Here's how to use it, and how to get it on other Android phones.

Fear no more: Beginners guide to mastering the BlackBerry Key2's keyboard

Going from a virtual keyboard to a physical one is a challenge, but if you want the BlackBerry Key2 it's one you'll accept. It's tough at first, but we've got a guide to help you on to typing faster and more comfortably.

Get down to business with our Blackberry Key2 tips and tricks

From the physical keyboard to its custom suite of software, the Blackberry Key2 is a productivity powerhouse. Whether you're new to Blackberry or just want to master your new phone, check out our favorite BlackBerry Key2 tips and tricks.

The best BlackBerry Key2 cases to keep you tapping away safely

If nothing but a real keyboard will do, then you'll be excited about BlackBerry's return to form with the latest Key2. You'll want to keep your shiny new phone safe with the best BlackBerry Key2 cases.

BlackBerry inks deal with Bullitt to provide security tech to phones

BlackBerry announced a partnership with Bullitt Group to provide security features to Bullitt's ultra-rugged Cat and Land Rover-branded phones. This is one of only a few deals BlackBerry has made for BlackBerry Secure technology.

BlackBerry Key2 vs. BlackBerry KeyOne: A stunning successor

The BlackBerry Key2 -- a successor to last year's BlackBerry KeyOne -- is here. It has a physical keyboard that's far easier to use, with an all new button. How does it stack up against its predecessor? We put them head-to-head.

Why BlackBerry dusted off a 7-year-old phone to inspire the new Key2

Under TCL Communications’ watch, BlackBerry hardware has taken a fascinating turn for the exciting, and although the new Key2 is full of tech and some interesting innovation, it pays homage to a classic BlackBerry in the best way…

BlackBerry Key2 vs. Apple iPhone X: Which fruit-themed flagship is best?

Fans of the physical keyboard will no doubt be looking at the BlackBerry Key2, but how it does to compare to Apple's top device, the iPhone X? We pit the two against one another in various categories to find out.

Swapping an iPhone for a BlackBerry made me appreciate the physical keyboard

BlackBerry is preparing to release the BlackBerry KeyTwo, a new phone with a physical keyboard. If you've never used one, and are a touchscreen typist, what would it be like to swap? We changed our iPhone to a BlackBerry KeyOne to find out.

BlackBerry wants you to do its advertising by joining its fan league

BlackBerry launched a new BlackBerry Smartphone Fan League. Because let's be honest -- what better way to show your support for your mobile phone than by joining its fan club?