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A woman wields a knife in Sick.

3 underrated movies of 2023 you should watch

From the rise and fall of a smartphone company to an environmental-action thriller, here are three underrated 2023 movies that are worth your time and money.
Jay Baruchel and Glenn Howerton as Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie in BlackBerry.

BlackBerry trailer depicts the rise and fall of the iconic phone

The ChatGPT name next to an OpenAI logo on a black and white background.

Experts fear ChatGPT will soon be used in devastating cyberattacks

BlackBerry Key2. Credits: BlackBerry official.

BlackBerry’s latest revival attempt crashes before launch

BlackBerry Key2 LE Hands On

BlackBerry is better off dead

BlackBerry Key2 keyboard.

The BlackBerry Key2 shows why software updates really matter

BlackBerry Key2 LE review

A new BlackBerry with a keyboard is still on the schedule for 2022

BlackBerry Key2. Credits: BlackBerry official.

Classic BlackBerries are finally losing suppport as company shuts down services

BlackBerry Key2. Credits: BlackBerry official.

BlackBerry rises from the grave: New 5G phone with a keyboard coming in 2021

BlackBerry Key2 LE review

TCL won’t make BlackBerry phones anymore, sending the brand back into limbo

jaguar land rover and blackberry expand tech partnership

BlackBerry will provide cybersecurity for future Jaguar Land Rover vehicles

unihertz titan news icing sugar

Miss physical keyboards? Unihertz is creating a rugged phone that has one

BlackBerry Key2 LE review

Sorry fans, Blackberry Messenger for Android and iOS died May 31

The BlackBerry Messenger app, better known as BBM, for Android and iOS is shutting down, nearly six years after it launched. The consumer version of the service will stop operating on May 31, but for loyal BBM'ers there is some good news, as BlackBerry has an alternative ready for you to use.
BlackBerry Key2 LE Hands On

BlackBerry Key2 LE: Everything you need to know

The BlackBerry Key2 LE is the phone for businesses that want the BlackBerry experience, without the big bills attached to buying the regular Key2. The LE has a physical keyboard, a good screen, secure software, and plenty more to appeal, but it misses out on the Key2's standout high-tech features.
blackberry keytwo news and rumors key2 red main

BlackBerry Key2: Everything you need to know

Let's get real -- touchscreens suck at typing, and a physical keyboard is much better. BlackBerry's Key2 is likely to be the best keyboard-equipped phone in 2019, with a modern look, some powerful specs, and totally revamped features. Here's everything you need to know about the BlackBerry Key2.

TCL shows off its 5G-capable USB data terminal at MWC 2019

MWC 2019 isn't just about the big flashy devices -- it's about the more subtle stuff too. TCL has followed up its foldable smartphone prototypes with the news that it's very close to releasing a powerful, 5G-enabled USB data terminal in partnership with Chinese telecommunications giant China Mobile.
tcl folding phones mwc 2019 foldaphone featured

Wrap it or bend it. TCL’s foldable concept phones can put a screen in any format

From Samsung to Huawei -- everyone's pumping out foldable phones. So is TCL -- but it's not focused on being the first to market, it wants to be the best. TCL has taken to MWC 2019 to show off its new DragonHinge for foldable phones, as well as some new budget offerings from Alcatel.
tcl new mobile display technology ces 2019 feat 2

TCL is set to innovate with new mobile display technology

While few smartphone manufacturers have been innovating in the hardware space, TCL has made some interesting moves with the BlackBerry, Alcatel, and Palm brands. After a huge investment in display technology, TCL showed off some new edge-to-edge and dot displays at CES 2019, and there are more innovations in the works.
BlackBerry Key2 LE review

BlackBerry sets own pace for 2019: Strikes Verizon deal, but no 5G phone coming

BlackBerry has struck a deal with Verizon to sell the Key2 LE phone through its Enterprise division, reigniting a successful partnership from the brand's early days. However, while it's pushing ahead with new business this year, it won't be adopting 5G just yet.
Autonomous Driving Systems

BlackBerry survey: Consumers don’t trust connected devices to keep data secure

BlackBerrry communication security specialists surveyed more than 4,000 adults in the U.S., U.K., and Canada about their opinions of connected device security and data privacy. Most consumers do not trust Internet-connected cars, smart speakers, or other devices, and more than half would pay extra for secure products.
Galaxy Note 9 front against books

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. BlackBerry Key2: Productivity powerhouse punch-out

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is all about productivity. From its Bluetooth-enabled S Pen to its newly integrated DeX Mode, the Note 9 offers lots of ways to get work done. But how does the Galaxy Note 9 compare to the recently released BlackBerry Key2? We put the two smartphones head to head to find out.
blackberry key2 camera guide depth effect

Here’s how to get the best from the BlackBerry Key2’s camera

You probably bought the BlackBerry Key2 for its keyboard or security features, but it also has a great dual-lens camera that once you know about its special features, is ready to take some great shots you'll want to share. Here's our guide on getting the best from the BlackBerry Key2's camera.
how to use blackberry locker secure

How to use BlackBerry Locker

BlackBerry Locker is a very useful feature found on the BlackBerry Key2, KeyOne, and Motion Android phones. It's a secure section of the phones to keep private photos and files away from prying eyes. Without your fingerprint, no one can view them, as they're hidden in a secure area. Here's how to use it.
how to use blackberry privacy shade key2

How to use BlackBerry’s Privacy Shade

You want to stop someone reading your emails over your shoulder? Most of the time, this is hard to do, but with BlackBerry's Privacy shade feature on the KeyOne and Key2 phones, you can avoid such snooping. Here's how to find and use it, and how to get the feature on other Android phones too.
blackberry key2 keyboard guide typing

Beginners guide to the BlackBerry Key2’s keyboard

Going from a virtual keyboard on your phone to a physical one is a challenge; but it's one you'll have to face if you want the BlackBerry Key2. The first days are tough, but we've got a guide to help get you through that early stage, and on to typing faster and more comfortably. Are you up to the task?
blackberry key2 shortcuts

Blackberry Key2 tips and tricks

If you were a fan of the KeyOne, you're going to love the new Blackberry Key2. Sure, it looks a lot like its predecessor, but there are a lot of minor improvements to make it the best Blackberry yet. If you're a new owner, check out our Blackberry Key2 tips and tricks to get the most from your phone.
blackberry key2 full

The best BlackBerry Key2 cases

If nothing but a real keyboard will do, then BlackBerry's return to form with the latest Key2 must have gotten you really excited. But even with an awesome keyboard and BlackBerry's first dual-lens camera, it's not invincible. Keep it safe with the best BlackBerry Key2 cases.
blackberry uni touchscreen retractable keyboard logo

BlackBerry inks deal with Bullitt to provide security tech to phones

BlackBerry has announced a partnership with Bullitt Group to provide security features to Bullitt's ultra-rugged Cat and Land Rover-branded phones. This is one of only a few deals BlackBerry has made for BlackBerry Secure technology, but it's likely we'll see more as time goes on.
blackberry key2 full

BlackBerry Key2 vs. Apple iPhone X: Which fruit-themed flagship is best?

We decided to find out how the BlackBerry Key2 stands up against the best Apple has to offer -- the iPhone X. Find out how the two flagship smartphones measure up on paper as we compare them across a variety of categories to help you pick the right device for you. It's a fruit-themed flagship fight.
swapping iphone for blackberry keyboard appreciation keyone feat

Swapping an iPhone for a BlackBerry made me appreciate the physical keyboard

BlackBerry is preparing to release the BlackBerry KeyTwo, a new phone with a physical keyboard; but if you've never used one, and are a proficient touchscreen typist, what would it be like to swap? We changed our iPhone to a BlackBerry KeyOne to find out, and discovered that speed is only half the story.
LG G6 vs Blackberry Motion camera comparison

BlackBerry wants you to do its advertising by joining its fan league

BlackBerry has launched a new BlackBerry Smartphone Fan League. Because what better way to show your support for your mobile phone than by joining its fan club? 
blackberry uni touchscreen retractable keyboard logo

BlackBerry sues Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram over messaging services

BlackBerry has sued Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, alleging that the companies infringe on patents related to messaging.
BlackBerry Motion review

Everything we know about the “BlackBerry Ghost” smartphone so far

BlackBerry could be readying another phone, and it may be called the "BlackBerry Ghost." Here's everything we know about the upcoming device so far.
BlackBerry Motion review

Upcoming BlackBerry Uni will feature touchscreen and retractable keyboard

Taking design cues from its predecessor, the BlackBerry Priv, the upcoming BlackBerry Uni will feature a touchscreen and retractable keyboard.