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TCL won’t make BlackBerry phones anymore, sending the brand back into limbo

TCL Communication will stop making BlackBerry-branded smartphones. It has held the license since 2016.
BlackBerry Key2 LE review

BlackBerry will provide cybersecurity for future Jaguar Land Rover vehicles

Jaguar Land Rover and BlackBerry are already working together on infotainment systems, but now the two companies plan to expand their partnership to include other areas of tech.
jaguar land rover and blackberry expand tech partnership

BlackBerry sets own pace for 2019: Strikes Verizon deal, but no 5G phone coming

BlackBerry has struck a deal with Verizon to sell the Key2 LE phone through its Enterprise division, reigniting a successful partnership from the brand's early days. We sat down with the company to talk 5G, and what's next.

Upcoming BlackBerry Uni will feature touchscreen and retractable keyboard

It looks like we will see at least one new BlackBerry device at this year's Mobile World Congress. With both a touchscreen and retractable keyboard, the BlackBerry Uni looks a lot like its predecessor, the BlackBerry Priv.
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