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Luggage ban proves too much for Bluesmart, which has shuttered operations

Several major U.S. carriers have announced a ban on smart luggage whose batteries can't be removed. The ban began on January 15, 2018, and will hit not only travelers, but also companies like Bluesmart that make the bags.

Smart travelers don’t need smart luggage yet, but we haven’t lost hope

Do travelers really need features like Bluetooth, digital scales, and batteries? We took Barracuda’s latest smart luggage along on a trip to find out, and the results opened our eyes.

Bluesmart’s slick smart suitcase is back, and it has brought along some friends

After the massive success of its first crowd-funding campaign, Bluesmart's back with Series 2 of its smart luggage. This time, it has added more products to the range, and made them even smarter.
Emerging Tech

This suitcase knows how much it weighs, where it is, and charges your gadgets

The Bluesmart is more than just a flashy carry-on case. It can connect up with your smartphone and offers everything from a built-in digital scale and a digital lock, to a battery ensuring your phone or tablet doesn't run out of power.