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Emoji aren’t just symbols. They’re an ever-evolving digital language of emotion

It's easy to dismiss emojis as a cutesy and unimportant set of colorful symbols, but the truth is that they're revolutionizing the way we humans communicate. Emojis are now being used for an increasingly wide range of purposes, many of which are well beyond the slightly frivolous stereotype that still clings to them.
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You can listen or read on your commute now that Serial Box is on Android

Serial Box just launched on Android, bringing the hit iOS app to even more phones. With options to either read or listen to a book in episodic formats, it's a fantastic way to consume books.
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Want free books? Just spread the word about Honest Few

Meet Honest Few, a new book discovery platform that takes your Facebook likes and Twitter retweets and turns them into currency for digital books. Simply spread the good word of Honest Few, and start collecting e-books for free.

Digging Deeper: Recommended books and movies on Steve Jobs

This week we take a deeper look at reading and viewing material about the late and definitely great Steve Jobs.
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