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Twitter turns a profit in the first quarter, makes progress fighting spam

On Wednesday, April 25, Twitter giant shared its first-quarter earnings report, and not only have user numbers seen an increase, but the company is profitable, and its fight against bots and spams appears to be working. 
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Bots, not humans, tweet majority of links to popular websites, research says

Bots account for two-thirds of tweets that link to popular websites, according to a Pew Research Center report, and have a tendency to share for adult content, sports, and news with particular vigor.

U.S. government will investigate fraudulent net neutrality comments

After an open letter from Democratic representatives, the U.S. Government Accountability Office has agreed to investigate claims that millions of fraudulent comments were made during the lead-up to the December 2017 net neutrality repeal.

A.I. bots just dropped a black metal album that will make your head explode

A neural network artificial intelligence algorithm has created an original hard-rocking black metal album called Coditany of Timeness without using a single guitar, drum, or even a vocalist.
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Cambridge study finds that celebrity Twitter accounts act like bots

A new study out of the University of Cambridge finds that celebrity Twitter display bot-like behavior, particularly in tweet volume. With the help of students, the researchers developed a new algorithm to identify bots better.

Facebook Messenger's 'Discover' is now better at helping you find great bots

An update to Facebook Messenger makes the app better at recommending great chatbots to users. Now you'll be able to browse bots by businesses you've recently visited, by category, and by bots you've recently used.

Facebook Messenger bots are getting MasterCard MasterPass payments

Mobile payments are about to get a whole lot easier. MasterCard is bringing MasterPass to Facebook Messenger bots, allowing you to quickly and easily check out at companies like Subway, FreshDirect, and The Cheesecake Factory.

Nearly 30 percent of all web traffic is sent by malicious bots

Bot traffic now accounts for more than all of the humans in the world combined, despite all of the cat videos we send one another. A more worrying statistic however, is that more than half of those bots are considered malicious.
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A pair of Google Homes bicker like an old couple on Twitch

It's the battle of the bots. A Twitch stream lets you view a pair of Google Home units chatting and arguing about everything from waffles and Chuck Norris to My Little Pony and ... God.

Robots may be responsible for a lot of the election coverage you’re reading

Each of these publications use algorithms to sift through data and turn it into text, and chatterbots to deliver this news coverage to readers via messaging apps.

Duolingo’s bot with help you learn a language the natural way – by using it

Duolingo, maker of language training solutions, is joining the AI club with a new bot that will help you learn a new language by answering questions and engaging in conversation.
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Facebook is now letting you pay for things through the Messenger Platform

Facebook has updated its Messenger platform with a number of great new features -- including the ability to now pay them for goods and services. This should make it far easier to place orders through Facebook.