Broken screen

Will we ever have unbreakable smartphone glass? We asked an expert

Cracked and broken smartphone screens are common, but cover glass is getting tougher all the time. We spoke to Corning, makers of Gorilla Glass, about what’s coming for smartphone glass.

Apple has quietly cut the cost of replacing a cracked iPhone display

Keep dropping your iPhone and breaking the screen? If you paid to join the AppleCare+ warranty program, the good news is that Apple's charge for replacing your cracked display has been substantially reduced.

Give your OnePlus a second chance thanks to the new On-Guard extended warranty plan

OnePlus has launched On-Guard, its own extended warranty insurance scheme to cover your OnePlus 2 should it get accidentally damaged. Broken screens and water spills are covered, and the scheme will soon apply to the OnePlus X as well.

Breaking news: HTC will replace your phone screen for $29 if it shatters

HTC has launched a new warranty program for owners of the HTC One. The Advantage plan will offer two years of updates, free cloud storage, and a cheap screen replacement.

Apple pulls iPhone 4 cases that crack phones

Apple will no longer be selling certain iPhone cases that are destroying the iPhone 4, and it is rumored to be conducting tests to be sure there are no other cases doing the same.