CDMA vs. GSM: What’s the difference between these cellular standards?

If you're in the market for a new smartphone or carrier, you've likely encountered the acronyms CDMA and GSM before. Check out our brief explanation on the two wireless standards covering their availability and functionality.

Will that unlocked phone work with your wireless carrier? Here’s how to tell

There are many benefits to buying your smartphone unlocked, but it can be hard to tell which carriers' networks are supported by unlocked phones. Here's everything you need to know about which bands work on which networks.

Verizon will shut down its 2G CDMA network by 2019

Verizon has announced that it will shut down its 2G CDMA network by 2019. It'll work to transition the service's remaining users to LTE in the intervening years.

CDMA versus GSM: What’s the difference?

If you're in the market for a new phone or cell carrier, chances are you've run into the acronyms CDMA and GSM before. That said, check out our brief explanation on the two wireless standards for a closer look at their availability and…

Verizon starts the slow process to becoming an LTE-only network

A network researcher has discovered Verizon is in the process of testing out using its 3G bandwidth for LTE purposes, as it starts the long, slow process to becoming an LTE-only network.

Rumor: Revised Nexus 4 ready for Google I/O launch could gain CDMA and 4G LTE support

A rumor has hinted Google and LG may launch a revised Nexus 4 handset during Google I/O, and that it will incorporate both a CDMA radio and 4G LTE connectivity, two key features missing from the current version.

China Telecom to make stateside debut in 2012

China Telecom plans to target Chinese tourists and travelers with a new wireless service. But that might only be the beginning of the provider's plans for a U.S. expansion.

Sprint, Verizon to unlock iPhone 4S SIM for international use [update – Sprint says no unlock]

Sprint and Verizon will reportedly remove their carrier locks from the iPhone 4S, allowing users to easily (and more cheaply) use their device in other countries.
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HTC Rhyme unveiled: a classy Verizon phone for the ladies

HTC has unveiled the Rhyme, a 3G Verizon phone that aims to attract women by being pretty upfront about its intentions: it's a purple phone with a glowing charm and matching accessories. Will it work?

WiLAN sues Apple, Dell, HP, HTC, and others over wireless tech

Patent holding company WiLAN has filed suit against Apple, HTC, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Sierra Wireless and more over wireless communications technologies.

Rumor: iPhone 4S coming this summer?

We've been teased by iPhone release dates before, usually when they are announcing a delay. Now, we're hearing the next handheld device could be here ahead of schedule.

Verizon drops unlimited plans, offers iPhone 5 details

We knew it was coming: Verizon joins rival AT&T and kills off its unlimited data plans.