Angry Birds developer becoming a publisher

Rovio Mobile, the group responsible for Angry Birds, is expanding to become a publisher for independent studios.

EA to buy PopCap Games for $1.3B

In yet another move to establish itself in the social gaming industry, EA has paid $1.3 billion for Plants vs. Zombies creator PopCap Games.

Angry Birds TV series in the works

It was inevitable: Rovio confirms its developing an Angry Birds show.

Zynga valued more than EA in latest estimates

Social gaming developer Zynga is quickly taking over the market, and is now estimated to be worth more than the second largest gaming company in the world, EA.

Angry Birds gets festive with pumpkin-smashing Halloween edition

Forty five Halloween-inspired levels await Angry Birds fans in Apple's App Store, but Android fans will miss out on the pumpkin carnage.

EA buys Angry Birds publisher Chillingo

Chillingo, developer of the iPhone smash hit Angry Birds, will be acquired by EA in a deal valued at $20 million, to increase the company’s presence in mobile gaming.