Cloud Computing

Google talks social enterprise focus for 2012

Google's ready to kick off 2012 with a renewed interest in the social enterprise market, which means the Google+ upgrades will be fast and furious.

iCloud explained: Things to consider before embracing the cloud

Apple's iCloud service is launching: what does it do, who can use it...and what should you watch out for?

Thunderheads over Amazon: Why not all cloud storage is created equal

A cloud storage expert tells us why this technology is safe and why the Amazon crashes don't mean we're not ready to move beyond physical storage centers.

Microsoft previews Windows 8 at BUILD

The veteran manufacturer shows it still has some fresh ideas on computing with Windows 8.

iPhone 5 rumors: Everything we know so far

Apple’s next iPhone should be arriving sometime soon. Here’s everything we can (likely) expect from the fifth-generation handset.

Holdup: Apple not ready to launch cloud movie service

We all got a little ahead of ourselves thinking the iTunes Replay launch was imminent.
Emerging Tech

First federal agency brings email to cloud, cuts costs in half

Google Apps for Government has allowed the General Services Administration to eliminate its costly data centers while offering employees network access anywhere.

Microsoft wants to heat your building with its cloud servers

Microsoft claims that it is possible to use a data server like a furnace or water heater, which would increase data speed and be a more efficient use of energy.

Acer buys cloud computing firm iGware

Acer is betting up to $395 million on cloud computing by acquiring U.S.-based IGware.

Google+ is ‘really about’ the cloud, not social networking

Google+ isn't about traditional social networking, says Plus user Vincent Wong. It's about something entirely new.

Logitech’s Microsoft Lync-powered hardware points to the potential of Office 365

Logitech has released a new spread of webcams and headsets optimized for Microsoft Office 365. Will this kind of hardware support propel Microsoft to the top of cloud-based productivity?

Apple confirms: ICloud will get rid of iDisk, iWeb

Up until now, the details surrounding the MobileMe to iCloud transition have been vague. In a new FAQ, Apple offers new information on the coming switch.