Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle lets you take a photo of yourself enjoying fizzy beverage

It takes a special kind of narcissist to deem even the most mundane of activities worthy of a selfie, and now, Coca-Cola wants to encourage that kind of behavior by way of its new selfie bottle.
coca cola selfie bottle screen shot 2016 11 16 at 9 22 46 am

Keurig discontinues expensive Kold soda maker, offers refunds to consumers

Likely attributed to the high cost of the hardware as well as the compatible soda pods, Keurig has been forced to abandon production of the Keurig Kold soda maker as well as lay off workers.
keurig discontinues expensive kold soda maker offers refunds to consumers drinkmaker

Next-generation Coke vending machines sport an Intel Core i7 processor

The newest Coca-Cola vending machines are even more hi-tech than you thought, with a 46-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi, HD camera, and NFC to boot.

The best Grand Theft Auto V mods

Grand Theft Auto V is best played on PC for many reasons, but these modifications may be the most important.