It’s cocktail o’clock with the best bartending apps

Do you know the difference between a Manhattan and an Old Fashioned? Find out exactly how to make all the best cocktails with the best bartending apps. Create and share recipes, check instructions, and mix it up.
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You can now buy alcohol pouches specifically for your Bibo

Billing itself as a Keurig for cocktails, the Bibo Barmaid uses pouches of premixed ingredients and alcohol to make drinks in about 20 seconds. All you have to do is give it a shake.
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Infuse your own spirits in just a few hours using the sous vide method

Sous vide isn't just for making the perfect steak. You can also use the cooking method to infuse alcohol with fruit or herbs or even turn vodka into gin with the addition of a few botanicals.
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It can’t spin bottles like Tom Cruise, but this kegerator pours premixed cocktails

The Open Bar project, an entry for the 2016 Hackaday Prize, automatically makes and pours cocktails using a kegerator. Want to make one for yourself? The project is open source.
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Finally, a machine that turns tweets into cocktails

Whether or not you've wondered what tweets might taste like, a machine now exists that answers that question. Called Data Cocktail, the contraption works with recent tweets and six ingredients to knock out a drink in under a minute. What's…
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Smart kitchen scale Drop now guides you through making a perfect cocktail

Drop is a smart kitchen scale that guides you through recipes and makes it hard to screw them up. Now they've added cocktails to their new iPhone app, so you can practice and perfect your mixology.
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Ready, set, drink: Somabar cranks out craft cocktails in under 5 seconds

Using an ingenious system that pumps and mixes liquids almost simultaneously, Somabar is able to mix and dispense cocktails in just a few seconds
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This smart cocktail shaker not only knows what to mix, it measures as you pour

This smart cocktail mixer comes with a weight sensor and Bluetooth radio built in, so it can tell exactly how much you've poured, and can guide you through recipes on your phone
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Ketel One and Tumi joined forces to create a backpack just for boozers

Designed with the mobile booze enthusiast in mind, Tumi and Ketel one have created a backpack built specifically for hauling around your high-proof hooch
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Meet Bartendro, a cocktail-mixing robot powered by Raspberry Pi

Definitely a high-tech way to allow guests to order drinks at your next big party, the Bartendro can automatically deliver a large variety of mixed drinks without having to lift a single bottle.
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Fizzy lifting drinks: Hands on with Perlini’s Cocktail Carbonator

A handful of ice and a few seconds shaking turns any drink into a sparkling drink with Perlini’s Cocktail Carbonator.
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Upgrade your barware: Get your home bar ready for the holidays

If you don't have a home bar already, we have the details on everything you'll need to have a stylish setup just in time for the holidays.