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comcast fcc cramming fine slaps with 2 3 million

FCC slaps Comcast with $2.3 million fine, its biggest ever for a cable company

Comcast has been hit with the biggest cable fine the FCC ever issued, this time over cramming, or charging customers for equipment they weren't aware of.
comcast expands data cap to 12 new states dtd1007

Comcast to enforce 1TB data caps in 12 new states, expand reach in 6 others

Comcast will begin enforcing its 1TB broadband data cap in November, claiming 99% of its customers don't exceed that amount.
comcast data cap expansion center philadelphia88 jpg

Comcast begins planned expansion of 1TB data cap for internet customers

Comcast has announced the next 18 markets where its 1TB internet data cap is set to be enforced.

Cord-cutters may cost cable companies $1 billion over the next year

comcast data cap expansion center philadelphia88 jpg

Look out, Verizon — Comcast is launching its own mobile service in 2017

Look out Verizon, your competitive pool is about to get a bit deeper. On Tuesday, Comcast revealed that it is finally ready to make its debut.
nashville google fiber att make ready vote 800x420

Google Fiber and AT&T await Nashville utility pole vote scheduled for Tuesday

Google Fiber wants to move all wires on Nashville utility polls, no matter who owns them. AT&T says it will sue if the city approves. Vote on Tuesday.
comcast x1 rio olympics 6000 hours internet streams broadcast coverage

How Comcast plans to pipe 6,000 hours of Olympics coverage into your house

Comcast has revamped its X1 platform for the Rio Olympics to help deliver thousands of hours of extra coverage, from highlights to internet streams.
comcast data cap expansion center philadelphia88 jpg

Could Comcast be the next major wireless carrier? Company appears to be making bid

It looks like Comcast is looking to expand a little. How? By becoming a mobile carrier. The company will reportedly take part in upcoming wireless auctions.

Comcast expands $10 internet plan to 2 million more low-income households

Comcast has announced an expansion of its Internet Essentials plan, which offers 10Mbps internet speeds for $10 per month to low-income households.
comcast mobile phone service offices feat

Comcast adds voice commands and new smart-home security camera to Xfinity Home

Adding to its already-impressive Xfinity Home lineup, media giant Comcast announced this week the launch of a new smart-home security camera this summer.
comcast and netflix strike partnership despite prior issues dtd0705

Strange bedfellows: Comcast to put Netflix app on its X1 cable boxes

Comcast and Netflix haven't been too friendly in the past, which makes the fact that the two companies are striking this deal all the more notable.
Netflix Expansion

Netflix is coming to Comcast’s X1 cable box, likely later this year

A Netflix app will be added to Comcast's X1 boxes soon. Customers of the cable company and streaming service will soon be able to watch both in one place.
comcast and alarmcom acquire different parts of icontrol piper home security

Comcast, acquire parts of Icontrol to boost smart-home offerings

Comcast and each acquired different parts of Icontrol's home-automation business.
comcast data cap expansion center philadelphia88 jpg

Fasten your seat belts: Nashville to get Comcast's gigabit internet service

Comcast has rolled out the second leg of its gigabit internet service to Nashville following the Atlanta debut. This service uses existing cable lines.

Comcast sets limit of $200 per month for data overage costs

For once, Comcast is making a change to its policies that might actually save some customers money.

Comcast is rolling out its HDR-ready Xi5 set-top box before it rolls out 4K

Comcast plans to launch its HDR-ready Xi5 set-top box on July 4, just in time for NBCUniversal's coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics.
time warner buy hulu stop current season airing ad free

Update: NBCUniversal joins Fox, Disney in talks to build out Hulu’s live TV service

Hulu is planning an Internet TV service for cord cutters with a platform that allows you to stream broadcast and cable channels.
olympic flame twitter torch relay

For the first time ever, NBC is sharing Olympic footage

Comcast's NBC will be distributing footage from the Olympics. Snapchat users will be able to see the events and athletes up close through the app.
comcast nbcuniversal to acquire dreamworks animation how train your dragon

Comcast to acquire DreamWorks Animation for $3.8 billion

Following reports of talks between the two companies yesterday, Comcast subsidiary NBCUniversal has agreed to acquire DreamWorks Animation for $3.8 billion.

Comcast raises the data caps, but warns it may be heading elsewhere

Comcast has heard the complaints, and raised the data cap over what 99 percent of the customer base currently uses, but it isn't all good news.
Gru and Minions i

DreamWorks may soon be a subsidiary of Comcast

Comcast is reportedly in talks to buy DreamWorks Animation SKG for a whopping $3 billion.
comcast xfinity store

Drop the box! Samsung TVs, Rokus will soon host Comcast’s Xfinity service

Comcast has announced that its Xfinity app is coming to Roku and Samsung TVs, plus more devices in the future, as part of its Xfinity TV Partner Program.
star wars tv series abc achievement in sound mixing  the force awakens

The Force Awakens and other Disney hits now available via Xfinity On Demand

Walt Disney Studios films are coming to Comcast's Xfinity On Demand digital store thanks to a content new licensing agreement between the two companies.
amazon comcast xfinity amazonx1 laptop thumb 1

You can now buy Comcast cable and Internet from Amazon

As of this week, you can now buy Internet, TV, and phone services from Comcast by way of Amazon.
Xfinity Truck

Amazon launches Cable Store, helps Comcast sell Xfinity bundles


Comcast tries to bully users into signing 3-year contracts

Comcast will be charging double the normal price for its gigabit Internet for those who don't want to sign a three-year contract.

Comcast benefits from Oregon tax break intended for Google

Legislation passed in Oregon last year was intended to benefit Google, but seems to offer the greatest advantage to Comcast.
machine learning supreme court algorithm my trusty gavel

Microsoft goes after Comcast customer suspected of pirating thousands of Windows copies

Microsoft is going to court to try and identify a Comcast subscriber who is accused of pirating its software.
comcast xfinity store

Did your Comcast connection go down? So did a lot of the country's

A slew of unhappy customers just about blew up Comcast's Twitter on Monday, as subscribers across the country reported widespread outages.

Most hated ISP in the U.S. is now offering faster broadband

Comcast might be the most hated ISP, but it's looking to fix that with speed improvements, now offering 1Gbps cable to a number of its customers.
comcast ads third party router 4 reasons

Comcast doesn't like its customers using their own routers, and it's fighting back

Reports from Comcast customers indicate that the company is injecting ads into web content being viewed on any network that uses a third-party router.
comcast ads third party router 4 reasons

Comcast is the most hated broadband provider by far, according to FCC complaints

The FCC has received more complaints about Comcast than three other major broadband providers combined. Many of the complaints are about its new data caps.
comcast ads third party router 4 reasons

Comcast begins rolling out its new DOCSIS 3.1 gigabit Internet service

Comcast's gigabit internet isn't rolling out for everyone for some time, but the company recently turned it on for one customer in Philadelphia.
fcc and isps battle over data collection tom wheeler

FCC wants to be informed about data-free streaming services from T-Mobile, AT&T, and Comcast

The FCC sent letters to T-Mobile, AT&T, and Comcast, asking the companies to provide specific details about their respective data-free streaming services.