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comcast fires back against netflixs poor viewability claims time warner merger

Comcast dances before the Senate to plead its case for a $45.2 billion Time Warner merger

Comcast began its defense before a Senate Judiciary Committee today to try and push through its multi-billion dollar merger with Time Warner Cable.
Gigabit LTE

Move aside, Google: Comcast and WhatsApp may start wireless phone services, too

While Comcast is reportedly considering offering a mobile phone service to customers, WhatsApp partnered with a German wireless carrier to offer just that.
comcast fires back against netflixs poor viewability claims time warner merger

Comcast formally files for Time Warner mega-merger, promises expanded net neutrality

Comcast files the necessaries to get its proposed merger with TWC underway today, promising expanded net neutrality as part of its defense of the merger.
Best Hulu movies

Hulu secures a new licensing deal with NBC in pursuit of ‘bingers’

The deal is for a host of new content, hoping to compete with Netflix as the service of choice for binge-watching.
1287318 autosave v1 2 apple big store

What an Apple-Comcast deal could mean for the future of TV


Report: Dish Network and DirecTV executives are mulling over a merger

Apple TV Television

Could Comcast help Apple realize Steve Jobs’ final opus?

Apple and Comcast are reportedly in talks to setup a super-fast delivery system for Apple's proposed new internet-TV set-top-box.
Netflix logo

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings decries his own deal with Comcast, pleads for net neutrality

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings takes to the internet to denounce his deal to pay Comcast for higher connection speeds, pleading for net neutrality.
comcast fires back against netflixs poor viewability claims time warner merger

States jump aboard Justice Department probe of Comcast-Time Warner merger

Florida and an undetermined number of states will assist in the Justice Department's probe of the Comcast-Time Warner merger, helping determine legality.
comcast adds 18 new live streaming networks including ae bravo tbs xfinity tv go app

Comcast adds 18 new live streaming networks, including A&E, Bravo, TBS

Comcast added 18 popular networks to its roster of live streaming options today, bolstering the total network count to 50, along with on-demand content.
new movies on netflix house of cards

Comcast and Verizon get more brazen than Frank Underwood with House of Cards pricing

Comcast and Verizon negotiate deals with Sony to sell episodes of House of Cards' Season One through their cable services.
Comcast buys Time Warner

Pay-TV operators lost more subscribers than they added for the first time last year

A report from Leichtman Research Group details how the 13 largest multi-channel video providers lost 105,000 subscribers in a 280,000-subscriber swing.
series wins tivo proves theres still place premium media devices market roamio featured

TiVo racks up a series of wins, proving premium media devices are still relevant

TiVo's future looks bright, announcing a profit for the last quarter of 2013, and showing plenty of room for expansion into new markets.

Netflix paying Comcast to solve speed issues

showtime anytime finally launches roku useful certain subscribers

Showtime Anytime finally launches on Roku, but only for certain subscribers

The Showtime Anytime app will soon come to Roku set-top boxes, but not all Showtime subscribers will be able to use it.
politics western massachusetts fiber optic mess optics google

Google Fiber too slow? 10 gigabit Internet is in the works at Google

comcast fires back against netflixs poor viewability claims time warner merger

Why you’re right to fear the Comcast-Time Warner Cable mega-merger from hell

Competition between Internet service providers is already bad. But Comcast's buyout of Time Warner Cable would only make matters worse.
Comcast buys Time Warner

Goodbye Time Warner Cable? Comcast to buy TWC for $45 billion

comcast going hollywood looks sell digital movies end year xfinity on demand

Comcast closes in on ‘TV Everywhere’ promise with cloud-based DVR launch in Boston

Comcast began rolling out a cloud-based DVR to its Boston customers today as part of an expansion of its premium X1 cable TV service.
rightscorp comcast dmca takedown isp illegal download downloading

Rightscorp is trying to punish pirates, but Comcast isn’t cooperating

Rightscorp, an anti-piracy outfit, wants to target illegal downloaders. Without partners though, it's pretty powerless.
time warners intelligenthome comcast home control twc intelligent

Honey! The Cable Company Wants To Automate Our Home!


Comcast wants to force viewers to watch more ads during on-demand shows

TV goes social as Comcast and Twitter roll-out the See It platform

Comcast and Twitter have released a preview of the new SEEiT platform, allowing users to clink on a link embedded in tweets to watch/record select content.

Monopoly anyone? Comcast and Charter may team up to buy ailing Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable may be purchased by Comcast, Charter, or in a partnership between the two according to multiple sources on Friday.
comcast going hollywood looks sell digital movies end year xfinity on demand

Comcast is going Hollywood, looks to sell digital movies by the end of the year

Comcast will begin selling digital movies and other content through its set-top boxes and the Xfinity website by the end of the year, sources report.

Comcast joins the mobile party, now streams 35 live cable channels via Wi-Fi to subscribers

An update to Comcast's Xfinity TV Go app in the coming days will allow Comcast subscribers to view up to 35 channels over mobile devices anywhere via Wi-Fi.
comcast rolls hbo broadband bundle targeting cord cutters emilia clarke as daenerys targaryen

Comcast rolls out HBO broadband bundle targeting cord cutters

Comcast X2 set-top box moves all your DVR shows into the cloud

Comcast exec thinks there’s little demand for Google Fiber level speed

Comcast encrypts all cable channels, requires all customers to use a set-top box

Box-free cable will soon be a thing of the past for Comcast customers. Soon, all Comcast channels will be encrypted, requiring the use of a set-top box.

US Court of Appeals may lay the smack down on the FCC, stripping it of some regulatory power

The FCC believes that Comcast Corp discriminated against the Tennis Channel, but the U.S. Court of Appeals doesn't seem certain that is the case.

Cut the cord with Antennas Direct DB8e HDTV antenna

The DB8e from Antennas direct appears to be one of the most powerful and affordable HDTV antenna options to come along in quite a while.
the cw finally enters on demand age with new deal comcast

The CW finally enters the On Demand age with new deal with Comcast

internet tv netflix comcast cable

Will Web broadcasters like Netflix degrade the quality of TV?