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Check out these cheesy TV ads for tech stuff from yesteryear

In stark contrast to today's marketing campaigns, ads for tech gear just a few decades ago were as basic as the products they proffered. We've found some of the best ads from yesteryear — many as cheesy as a fully loaded pizza.
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Don’t adjust your set: Bold Samsung ad will make you think your TV is busted

An innovative Samsung ad airing this weekend will make millions of people think their TVs have broken down. It highlights Samsung's new QLED TVs and its Ambient Mode, which helps the display blend into its surroundings.

The best songs from Apple commercials

Apple has always been known for having great taste in music. Here, we've rounded up our favorite songs featured in Apple commercials, from Feist to Daft Punk to the Black Eyed Peas.
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Wish you could skip the ads on live TV? This startup aims to do just that

Skipr, a new startup, is promising a set-top box running Android TV that can automatically skip TV commercials. The service only works on a few channels for now, but more are in the pipeline, as are more features.
Social Media

Old Spice gets a jump on viral Super Bowl ads with funny prank websites

Looking to delight users on the Web and create viral buzz, Old Spice has launched a series of fake websites promoting ridiculous products, each of which can be used to prank your friends.
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Mobile app lets you know when the commercial break is over

Potentially useful when watching college or pro football this season, Commercial Break is a new app that sends a mobile notification the second that the commercials end on a specific channel.

Microsoft outs bizarre Windows 8 ads … and pulls them down quickly

We're not quite sure what message Microsoft is trying to send with these Windows 8 ads, so we'll let you be the judge. Just don't blame us if you come out more confused after watching all three videos.
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CALM Act finally went into effect today banning loud TV commercials

Ideal for anyone without a DVR and forced to watch commercials, the Calm Act is now being enforced to punish broadcasters playing loud advertisements.
Emerging Tech

New Verizon patent will put cameras in your cable box to play condom commercials when you’re cuddling

Sick and tired of irrelevant ads ruining your precious TV time? A new Verizon patent will stick motion detection sensors in your set-top box to recognize ambient actions so it can play commercials that match your activities.
Movies & TV

Faux commercial explores faux toyline based on The Thing

If there's one thing missing from John Carpenter's 1982 horror epic The Thing it's definitely a kid-friendly line of toys.

New Apple ads make Mac owners look inept, foolish

Attempting to promote the helpfulness of the average Apple genius, the computer company has launched three new commercials that make the average Apple customer look fairly silly.
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More than half of Americans fiddle with phones while watching TV

We just can't seem to disconnect. A new study finds a majority of Americans supplement their television viewing experience with their phones, for everything from fact checking to burning time during commercial breaks.
Smart Home

Despite recession, Americans prefer silly and tearjerker ads over promotional

Is laughter the best remedy, even for the recession? According to the latest Nielsen study, more consumers prefer funny and sentimental commercials over ones that promote savings.
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DirecTV considers rolling out commercial skipping technology

Looking carefully at consumer demand of ad-skipping technology, DirecTV management may offer the service to customers in the near future.

How Siri actually responds to Samuel L. Jackson’s commands

Gazpacho? Hotzpacho? This poncho? How does the virtual assistant Siri of the iPhone 4S really respond to Samuel L. Jackson's requests in the commercials? Not well.

Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson need Siri’s help too

Apple is beginning to feature celebrities in their latest batch of Siri commercials, including actress Zooey Deschanel and actor Samuel L. Jackson.

Kiip: Revolutionizing mobile game advertising with ‘real-life’ rewards

Launched today, Kiip is a new type of advertising network that gives mobile game players real-life rewards for in-game achievements.
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Groupon’s Tibet Super Bowl ad offends everyone

In a Super Bowl ad intended to mock itself, Groupon makes a mockery of the struggles of the Tibetan people.