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In a sign of the times, Girl Scouts can now earn a cybersecurity badge

As the times change, so too are the skills being touted by the Girl Scouts, and now, young women across America can earn recognition for demonstrating mastery of a very topical subject -- cybersecurity.

Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial headlines Computer Science Education Week

An updated 'Minecraft' Hour of Code Designer tutorial will show how the ever-popular gaming title can be even more effective in making kids excited to code by allowing them to create their own shareable 'Minecraft' game.

Music made with Alan Turing’s massive computer restored after more than 50 years

Alan Turing is celebrated for many things — as the father of computer science, legendary Nazi code breaker, and mind behind the Turing test. But few people view his as a pioneer of electronic music. Until now.

Listen to this AI-composed song in the style of The Beatles

Who needs The Beatles, anyway? Algorithms are all the rage, after Sony's Flow Machines project successfully created two entire pop songs composed by artificial intelligence, one in the musical styling of the Fab Four.
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Trust us, this video of 15 different sorting algorithms is way more entertaining than it sounds

A video showing sorting algorithms in action may not sound like the most riveting concept in the world -- but, then again, neither does watching other people play video games, and that hasn’t stopped their popularity online. Trust us…

Scientists prove playing ‘Super Mario Bros.’ can be as hard as complex math

A team of computer science researchers has shown that levels in Nintendo's classic Super Mario Bros. can be as tough to solve as some of the most complex math problems.
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Teach your toddlers how to code with Cubetto, the wooden robot

Cubetto is an adorable little wooden robot that is specifically designed for pre-literate children, ages 3 and older, that teaches the basics of computer programming and STEM, sans screen.

Work doesn’t kill solid state drives, but age does, according to Google study

Google's six-year study on flash storage includes millions of drive days worth of data, and it questions a lot of what we thought we knew about what hard drive failure looks like in the SSD era.

Study suggests women’s computer code is preferred, only if their gender is unknown

According to this research, women write better code than men on GitHub, or at the very least, their contributions are accepted more often by fellow coders. But this is only true when their gender is not known

President Obama pledges $4 billion in Computer Science for All program

President Obama, who as a candidate was known for his savvy social media use and his ever-present Blackberry, has now pledged $4 billion to fund computer science education in America's schools.
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Apple just hired Virginia Tech professor and VR expert Doug Bowman

In a suspected attempt to join the likes of Microsoft, Facebook, and Sony on the VR bandwagon, Apple has hired Doug Bowman, a former Virginia Tech computer science professor and HoloLens grant winner.
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Teach Your Toddler How to Code With the Code-a-Pillar

To be a prodigy, you've gotta start young. And if you get your child the Code-a-Pillar from Fisher-Price, you can turn a toddler into a computer scientist. The toy hopes to expose children to the art of coding from the onset.

Read these tea leaves to see if the signs point toward a career in computer science

A new study conducted by Code School proposes that "most coders and software developers form hobbies and interests in computers before the age of 16, and their interest carries into their college and professional years."

Stanford women set to reclaim their place in the field of computer science

According to Stanford University's latest survey of its upper-class students, the most popular major among women is now computer science, with 214 women planning to declare the field as their primary focus of study.

“Just make it a requirement,” says Chicago mayor of computer science in high school

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is calling for computer science and coding classes a graduation prerequisite. "Just make it a requirement," he said of coding during a tech policy event sponsored by The Washington Post.

New York City’s mayor mandates computer science curriculum for public schools

On Wednesday, Mayor De Blasio announced that all city public schools will have to offer computer science to all their students within the next decade in an effort to expand computer literacy and further opportunities for New York youth.

Wondering about your selfie’s popularity potential? Here’s an algorithm to predict that

A researcher from MIT has discovered the properties of the most and least popular images on the Internet, thanks to an algorithm that's based on image analysis and social cues.

Computer programming legend Dennis Ritchie has died

Dennis Ritchie, father of the C programming language and UNIX operating system, died this weekend at the age of 70.