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The best sous vide machines cook your food perfectly, every single time

Want to make four-star meals from the comforts of your own kitchen? Here are the best sous vide machines available right now, whether you prefer simple immersion circulators or something more complex.

Give Rachael Ray a run for her money with these 13 recipe apps

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay to make a killer meal, you just need an easy to follow recipe app. We’ve compiled our 13 favorite cooking apps for Android smartphones and iPhones, including countless recipes to suit any taste.
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From flashlights to fireballs, 5 dubious but hilarious way to cook a turkey

Cooking the ol' Thanksgiving Day turkey in the oven can take hours. That said, why use a traditional oven when you can just as easily incinerate the bird with a jet engine? Here are the most insane ways to cook a turkey.
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Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron: Which meal-delivery service is better?

To save time in the kitchen, some busy people order takeout, some look to devices like slow cookers and pressure cookers, and others try home-delivery meal services. These days, you have several meal-delivery services to choose from if you…
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These holiday gadgets will make cooking your meal a breeze

Are you dreading the lengthy process of cooking a holiday dinner? Try these holiday gadgets to make the job of cooking much easier. These items will make for an easy, breezy meal.
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Here's the best tailgating gear, from electric cornhole to a fold-out beer pong

Find a full list of our picks for the best tailgating gear and gadgets that range from grills to mobile speakers to games. Be prepared for tailgating this football season with these portable and easy-to-use gadgets.
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The best Instant Pot recipes you need to try

Instant Pots are the ultimate set-it-and-forget-it appliance. The recipes are so versatile that you may not know where to start if you're new to the Instant Pot craze. We've rounded up the best Instant Pot recipes you need to try.
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Man turns wife’s criticism of his culinary skills into a robotic cooking machine

Never say that nagging never got anything done -- apparently, one enterprising wife managed to nag her husband into creating a smart robotic chef. This robot cooking machine made its debut at the 6th China International Technology Fair.
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Why can’t millennials cook? Blame tech, survey says

While 70 percent of baby boomers know how to carve a turkey, less than half of millennials can say the same, and that makes sense because millennials are younger and have less life experience than baby boomers do.

The BioLite HomeStove is nearly smokeless and turns fire into electricity

The BioLite HomeStove is nearly smokeless and utilizes patented technology that turns heat from the fire into electricity -- and it's available to outdoor consumers for a limited time only.
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Bite into National Pizza Day with these gadgets for making easy at-home pies

The number of ways to eat pizza is practically infinite, but have you ever tried cooking one at home? Here's a list of gadgets that are absolutely necessary -- and a few that are absolutely not -- when making pizza at home.
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Make sure your boiling pot never overflows again with the BoilingBeeper

As easy it is to boil water and other liquids, it still involves a lot of hovering around the stove. The BoilingBeeper monitors your pot for you and alerts you when boiling temperatures have been reached.
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Your future kitchen has a smart oven, a burger-flipping bot, and 36 bacon programs

The Smart Kitchen Summit 2017 brought together lots of people to discuss the future of food, cooking, and smart devices and how they can lead to more personalization and better results in the kitchen.

Cozyna Air Fryer lets you enjoy your favorite fried foods, cuts fat by 70%

This Air Fryer by Cozyna is a one-stop solution for all of your meals, as it also grills, roasts, and bakes. Tair fryer uses patented TurboStar technology that cooks your food to perfection and produces fried foods with 70 percent less…

Best Cooking Gear: 2017 Digital Trends Outdoor Awards

Proper cooking gear is vital to any camping trip and as we cooked, grilled, and smoked our way through summer for the Digital Trends Outdoor Awards, our best cooking gear ended up being the definition of essential.
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Nise Wave Wi-Fi Sous Vide is like having a mini personal chef

Cooking gourmet food has never been so easy and affordable. The Nise Wave Sous Vide offers this gourmet solution at a fraction of the cost. Even at the smaller price point, the Wave offers a "set it and forget it" feature.
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Ikea's new food recipes give you something to chew on — literally

Ironically enough, while Ikea isn't exactly known for its easy-to-digest instructions when it comes to its furniture, its recipes promise to be about as straightforward as they come. These recipe cards are posters you can cook on.
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Austrian meat chef shares recipe for perfect smoky pulled beef

Austrian meat fan Christain Winkler leaves the BBQ behind and prepares Smokey Pulled Beef without a BBQ or slow cooker. Winkler's recipe is easy to follow and all you need is an oven for delicious pulled beef.