Corning’s Gorilla Glass 6 will help your phone survive up to 15 drops before it shatters

Corning has finally taken the wraps off of the long-awaited Gorilla Glass 6 -- a glass that will be used to protect the next generation of smartphones -- which allows your phone to survive up to 15 drops before it breaks.

Corning’s glass is half full and rising

We delve into the history of Corning, size up its modern business, and talk future glass innovations in automotive, computing, and pharmaceuticals with Chief Strategy Officer Jeff Evenson.

Will we ever have unbreakable smartphone glass? We asked an expert

Cracked and broken smartphone screens are common, but cover glass is getting tougher all the time. We spoke to Corning, makers of Gorilla Glass, about what’s coming for smartphone glass.

Corning’s CES show car proves Gorilla Glass isn’t just for your phone

At CES 2017, Corning debuted its Connected Car concept fitted with Gorilla Glass. Thinner, lighter, and clearer than normal glass, Gorilla Glass also permits augmented reality options such as vivid head-up displays.

Corning’s new Gorilla Glass SR+ might be headed to an Apple Watch near you

Corning announced Gorilla Glass SR+, the company's latest glass composite that promises to be as tough as sapphire while being thinner and allowing more light to shine through than the latter.

Gorilla Glass 5 is coming to protect your phone from all those accidental drops

Corning has taken the wraps off of Gorilla Glass 5, the company's strongest glass to date. But how strong is it? According to Corning, it can withstand drops of 1.6 meters as much as 80 percent of the time.
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Corning wants its Gorilla Glass to turn all your surfaces into touchscreens

Corning had a number of ways its Gorilla Glass could be used in the home (like on the doors of refrigerators) and outside (such as on car consoles) on display at CES 2016.

Gorilla Glass 4 is here, and you can already buy a phone that uses it

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the first smartphone to use Corning's Gorilla Glass 4 to protect its touchscreen. It's apparently twice as strong as other glass covers, and protects the phone in a high percentage of accidents.

The Mythbusters take on Gorilla Glass, inevitably break lots of it

Corning, the makers of Gorilla Glass, has teamed up with Mythbusters to produce a two-part video series about its product. It's fun and informative, plus we get to see flexible Willow Glass in action, a key part of bendy phones and watches…

Glass warfare: Why unscratchable sapphire screens have Corning beating its chest

What’s the toughest touchscreen glass of them all? Corning and GT Advanced Technologies are locked in battle over Gorilla Glass and sapphire. We take a look at the differences between the two.

Intel’s new 800Gbps cables push data faster than ever

Intel is leading the charge to make next-generation cables that can handle the ever-increasing power of our most massive computers. Intel will create MXCs, cables that can transmit as much as 800Gbps in and out of a server.
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Corning’s new antimicrobial Gorilla Glass kills germs on your cellphone

Corning has just pulled the curtain back on a new type of Gorilla Glass that uses a clever bit of chemistry to destroy 99.9 percent of germs. Hit the jump to find out how it works.

Corning’s 3D Gorilla Glass is ready for your 2014 gadgets

Corning's Gorilla Glass protects over a billion devices worldwide, and now the company has announced a new 3D manufacturing process to produce the curved displays of the future (and perhaps the iWatch).

Corning announces the next ‘it’ feature in laptops this fall: Gorilla Glass NBT

Smartphones and tablets aren't the only ones getting love from Corning. The company announced its new laptop-specific Gorilla Glass, called NBT, that will be added to some of this fall's upcoming laptops.

Could Gorilla Glass make the jump from smartphone screen to car windshield?

Corning says Gorilla Glass' light weight and scratch resistance could make it the automotive glass of the future.

Corning dismisses sapphire screens, says Gorilla Glass 3 is still the best way to protect gadgets

In response to the growing interest in sapphire screens for mobile phones, Corning has hit back saying its new Gorilla Glass 3 covering can do everything sapphire can, and more.
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Corning to introduce Gorilla Glass 2 at CES 2012

Corning has announced plans to introduce Gorilla Glass 2, its next generation of incredibly durable glass, at CES 2012 next week.
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Dragontrail hopes to dethrone Gorilla as strongest glass

Corning's Gorilla glass just got its first real competitor. Today, Asahi unveiled its new Dragonrtail glass, which it claims is six times stronger than conventional soda lime glass.