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Reddit bans its DarkNetMarkets subreddit

As part of its efforts to root out illegal activity taking place on the site, Reddit has banned several subreddits dedicated to illegal activities and dark web black markets.

Craigslist, Reddit prep for legal woes from FOSTA sex-trafficking bill

Preparing for censorship, Craigslist and Reddit buckle down as the controversial FOSTA bill heads to the White House for President Trump's signature. Based on the bill's wording, all unsuspecting websites will face legal woes.
Smart Home

Gently used smart home tech now on sale in the Swappa marketplace

Swappa, the go-to venue for selling smartphones and other gear is adding "Home Tech," a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers of smart home devices from brands like Nest, Google, and Sonos.

If you're looking for a new job, these are the 10 sites you need to check

Finding a job is tough in today's economy, but with the best job search sites, you can find something that's suitable to your talents and individual skillset, as well a career advice for your chosen field.

Looking for a deal or job without Craigslist? These are your 6 best alternatives

Whether you are tired of Craigslist or simply looking for more exposure on the dining room table you're trying to sell, here are some more websites like Craigslist that might have what you're looking for.

You can now buy your neighbor’s couch from Craigslist using Bitcoin

Bitcoin may be smashing analyst expectations the world over, but the real victory for the cryptocurrency isn't its meteoric rise past the $20,000 mark -- it's decidedly lower-tech. Bitcoin is now being accepted on Craigslist.

Bring out your dead: What to do with your old iPhone

There are many things you can do with an old iPhone. Here, we lay out some different possibilities for you, whether you're into selling your device or retrofitting it for use as a security camera.

‘Pokémon Go’ is making Craigslist even weirder than usual

Craigslist can be weird, but when you mix in 'Pokémon Go', things get wild. From fishy deals, to "'Pokémon Go n' Chill'" solicitations, Craigslist users are taking advantage of the new mobile game's popularity.

Home sellers and landlords use Pokémon Go to lure buyers

The real estate market has entered the Pokémon Go fray, as listings for houses and apartments list nearby gyms, PokéStops, and rare Pokémon to entice buyers and renters. These listings can be found on Zillow, Craigslist, and Airbnb…

Bloom’s new trading feature lets parents buy, sell baby gear locally

Ideal for new parents that are looking for discounted toys and other baby-related items, a parenting app called Bloom has launched a local connection feature that lets parents buy and sell items. Users can even use the app to schedule…

Craigslister lands rare Tupac notebooks and unreleased songs, will sell them at auction

Three handwritten notebooks from famed rapper Tupac Shakur will be sold at auction, alongside several CDs which feature previously unreleased material, with items expected to fetch big bucks.
Smart Home

Zumper acquires PadMapper and adds some new features to its app

In cities with a housing squeeze, apartment hunting is stressful and frustrating. Zumper is trying to make things easier with its rental process, and now it's acquired popular rental search site PadMapper.