From fencing to fried chicken, Nigel Sylvester’s new ‘Go’ video has it all

The fifth installment of Nigel Sylvester’s Go series takes viewers on a fun-filled adventure through London and Paris. The video represents a return to form for the pro BMX rider, with a renewed focus on the bike.

The Focus Paralane2 may change your mind about how heavy ebikes can be

Focus has taken the wraps off of its new Paralane2 ebike, which weighs 28.8 pounds but drops to just 22 pounds when the detachable motor and battery pack are removed, making it one of the lightest ebikes around.

Urban commuters can get a pedal boost with two new ebikes from VanMoof

VanMoof announced two new ebikes in the form of the Electrified X2 and S2, which feature motors and battery packs that offer speeds of up to 19 mph and a range of up to 93 miles, with anti-theft and Bluetooth connectivity, too.
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Leaos Pressed ebike keeps the weight off without skimping on tech

The Leaos Pressed ebike tips the scales at just 31 pounds, but still features a 250-watt electric hub motor, a removable battery pack, and tech add-ons like GPS tracking, mobile app integration, and LED lighting systems.

Juiced Bikes puts its own spin on the scrambler-style ebike

Juiced Bikes has launched a trio of new ebikes on Indiegogo, each of which falls into the "scrambler" design category and comes with a 52-volt battery and choice of two electric drive systems.

Be seen and not hurt with our picks for the best bicycle lights

A reliable bike light is an important accessory every cyclist should own. From solid budget offerings to those with higher lumen outputs, here are six of the best bicycle lights available from brands like CatEye, Blitzu, and NiteRider…

Carbon fiber bikes may become a whole lot cheaper with 3D-printed frames

A Silicon Valley startup called Arevo is looking to change the cycling industry by 3D printing carbon fiber bike frames that offer the same level of performance as traditional carbon frames but at a fraction of the cost.
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Wilier’s new Cento1 Hybrid road ebike weighs just 26 pounds

Wilier's new Cento1 Hybrid road ebike could lure traditional riders to electric bikes thanks to its 26.2 pound weight, which is considerably lighter than most other ebike models on the market today.

The RF-1 is a versatile cycling computer equipped with LED lights and a video camera

With cycling growing in popularity, riders are opting for more accessories -- including computers, bike lights, and video cameras. The RF-1 is a device that serves all three purposes, potentially making it the ultimate cycling computer.
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Solos smart glasses’ head-up display lets runners, cyclists keep eyes on road

Solos smart glasses are a wearable device that feature a head-up display for runners and cyclists to safely track workout metrics and data at a glance without having to look at another device.
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Lumos smart bike helmet adds Apple Watch turn-signal support and more

The Lumos smart cycling helmet has been updates with Apple Watch support, allowing users to make hand signals indicating which way they are turning and have the helmet activate blinking lights in the appropriate direction.
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Bkool’s smart training bike brings outdoor workouts inside

Cycling software and trainer manufacturer Bkool has created a new indoor smart bike that combines its popular software with a high-tech fitness machine that can automatically provide resistance to simulate virtual routes.