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Like an A.I. acid trip, this neural net rebuilds reality with flowers and fire

Artist and machine learning guru Memo Akten created a deep-learning neural network which views the world entirely as flowers, waves, fire or sky. The results are kind of beautiful.
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‘Mind-reading’ A.I. produces a description of what you’re thinking about

An artificial intelligence created by researchers in Japan can analyze a person’s fMRI brain scans and provide a written description of what they've been looking at. Scared yet? Here is how it works.
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The latest weapon in the fight against potholes? Your smartphone

RoadBotics is a pothole-hating startup that has developed smart deep learning algorithms for helping monitor the conditions of roadways around the United States and potentially beyond.
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Poachers don’t stand a chance against these A.I.-powered camera drones

Computer scientists at the University of Southern California have developed a deep-learning artificial intelligence that is able to spot poachers in near real time, based on infrared video shot from drones.
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Deep learning vs. machine learning: what's the difference between the two?

Deep learning vs. machine learning: what's the difference between the two? We provide a simplified explanation of both AI-based technologies although deep learning is a more involved process of machine learning.
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A.I. algorithms study brain waves to predict seizures

Using deep learning to automatically analyze the electrical activity of a patient's brain, the researchers improved seizure prediction by 69 percent, giving patients time to recognize the onset of an episode and act accordingly.
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What would disaster look like in your city? ‘Deep Empathy’ uses A.I. to show you

A project by researchers at MIT Media Lab simulates your city following a disaster in an attempt to digitally augment our empathy levels. Is that something tech can really help with?
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A.I. predicts how you vote by looking at where you live on Google Street View

A new deep-learning artificial intelligence can scour the images on Google Street View and draw conclusions about the political leaning of a particular area just by looking at the cars parked out on the street.

Amazon designs a $250 A.I. camera to teach computer vision to developers

The Amazon AWS DeepLens is like the Rasberry Pi for computer vision, a learning tool to teach developers imaging-based artificial intelligence. The camera comes pre-equipped with several A.I. infrastructures.
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What is an artificial neural network? Here’s everything you need to know

Neural networks are behind some of the biggest advances in artificial intelligence. But what exactly is an artificial neural network? Check out our beginner's guide to clue you in.
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MIT built an A.I. bot that writes scary stories — and some are terrifying

Researchers at MIT have developed the world's first collaborative A.I. horror writer, which tweets out the beginning of a new horror story every hour, then takes turns continuing it with humans.
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A beginner’s guide to A.I. superintelligence and ‘the singularity’

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly prevalent in the modern world, there's a good chance you've heard people saying "the singularity." In this post, we explore what that term means, and how it became a part of the popular…