Need a monitor for professional photo-editing? These are the very best

Looking for the best monitor for photo editing? You'll need to factor in brightness, color accuracy, color gamut support and more. Fortunately, we've rounded up the best ones for you, to help you make an educated purchase.

4K monitors are finally affordable, and these are the best of the best

The day is coming, slowly but surely, when 1080p resolution will be behind us. Check out the best 4K monitors on the market, whether you're looking for a budget solution or a visual treat.

LG’s new monitor gives you screen space galore without hurting your wallet

LG's new 32-inch display could be your next great upgrade. For $350, it offers the complete package of high resolution, high refresh rate, and 32 inches of screen space. What more do you need?

From beautiful to downright weird, check out these great dual monitor wallpapers

Multitasking with two monitors doesn't necessarily mean you need to split your screens with two separate wallpapers. From beautiful to downright weird, here are our top sites for finding the best dual monitor wallpapers for you.

Multi-monitor issues? Here's how to resolve them

If you're running into multi-monitor problems, you're not alone. Two screens are very useful, but they can present some difficulties. Here are some common multi-monitor problems and how to fix them.

Dell’s new fast-refresh Freesync display could be your next great gaming screen

Dell has debuted a pair of new gaming TN displays, each offering high refresh rates and fast response times to gamers alongside Freesync technology. There are 24- and 27-inch versions of the new screens available now.

Here's everything you need to know about buying your next computer monitor

Check out our computer monitor buying guide for advice on everything from size to resolution and response times. A new display can be an investment, but it doesn't need to be intimidating -- here's everything you need to know.

Philips claims ‘world’s first’ with a new 4K HDR desktop display

The 43-inch Philips Momentum 436M6 Quantum Dot monitor revealed in April is now up for grabs on Amazon for $999. It's the world’s first DisplayHDR 1000 panel, residing at the top of VESA's new HDR certification system.

Samsung’s 49-inch display pushes horizontal resolution beyond 5,000 pixels

Samsung has announced a number of upgrades to its ultrawide display panels, with improvements to resolution, refresh rate, and contrast ratio among a number of different size panels.
Emerging Tech

LED-studded ‘electronic skin’ monitors your health, makes you look like a cyborg

A team of engineers from the University of Tokyo has developed an ultrathin, breathable, and stretchable display that can be worn directly on the skin. The sensor is designed to help elderly monitor their health.

HP’s new 4K desktop display lineup includes a 42.3-inch model for $799

HP revealed four new 4K desktop monitors this week along with a batch of new laptops. All four monitors include a USB-C port providing enough juice to recharge a laptop. The starting prices range from $549 to $899.

Apple says it’s investigating reports of incoming call delays on iPhone X

The iPhone X has been experiencing a number of issues since launch. Now Apple says it's looking into a problem where some iPhone X displays are failing to light up during an incoming call, preventing the owner from answering it.

Corning’s glass is half full and rising

We delve into the history of Corning, size up its modern business, and talk future glass innovations in automotive, computing, and pharmaceuticals with Chief Strategy Officer Jeff Evenson.

Samsung’s CJ791 declutters the desktop with a QLED display packing Thunderbolt 3

Just ahead of CES 2018, Samsung introduced an upcoming wide-screen, curved desktop display with a Thunderbolt 3 connection. The idea is to declutter the desktop and provide a charge to connected laptops.

LG dishes out holiday cheer with a 27-inch FreeSync display for AMD gamers

LG recently introduced a new desktop display for PC gamers with AMD Radeon-branded graphics. It supports AMD's FreeSync technology along with offering a meaty 240Hz refresh rate via a DisplayPort connection.
Smart Home

Desktopography turns even the most cluttered desk into a smart display

Projecting an interactive interface onto a desk is not new, but they never keep the more practical desk in mind. People clutter their desks with mugs, books, computers, and more. Desktopography is a prototype device that incorporates the…

Three new Strix displays from Asus support AMD FreeSync, and two are curved

During Computex, the Republic of Gamers arm at Asus revealed three incoming desktop displays supporting AMD FreeSync, two of which are curved. Falling under the Strix umbrella, they include RGB lighting and high refresh rates.

Apple reportedly making strides with next-gen micro LED display tech

As the world waits patiently to find out whether Apple's next iPhone will feature an OLED screen, the company is researching an even more groundbreaking display technology for future products.