These Raspberry Pi 3 bundles will cover everyone, from coders to gamers

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a low-budget computing platform capable of doing just about anything. We rounded up a handful of the best Raspberry Pi 3 bundles to get you started on a variety of DIY projects.
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This DIY kit teaches more than coding; it teaches you how to build a smartphone

Want a crash course in coding and electronics, with something to show for it at the end? The MAKERphone is a DIY mobile phone that you can build for yourself. And, yes, it actually works.
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How to wall mount a TV: Tips and tricks to cut down on frustration

This how-to guide includes a video on how to wall mount a TV, along with other tips and tricks about the process. Step by step, we'll take you through what you have to do to successfully get your TV on your wall.
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‘Rogue medicine in a bathtub’: 4 experts on the vice and virtue of pharma hacking

A biohacker, pharmahacker, and two bioethicists walk into a bar. We ordered them a metaphorical round and had a chat about the risks and rewards of DIY medicine — from unsanctioned gene therapy to medication made on the kitchen counter.
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Your stone-skipping skills pale in comparison to this robotic rock launcher

Former NASA engineer-turned-popular YouTube inventor Mark Rober has created a robot that's able to skim rocks. Check it out in all its fantastic summer afternoon-wasting brilliance.
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Weekend workshop: Make this 3D-printed side table, even without a 3D printer

You can't 3D print a full piece of furniture, but you can 3D print joints that make building your own furniture a snap. In this article, we'll show you how to do just that, and create an awesome tripod end table that's partially 3D printed

Ditch the milk crates. Store your vinyl properly in this elegant DIY stand

In this installment of Weekend Workshop, we show you how to build a classy record stand that makes milk crates look downright barbaric. Better yet, it doesn't require any glue, screws, or even very many tools to build!
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This self-balancing one-wheeled motorcycle looks extra terrifying

Built by madcap Brit John Dingley, this self-balancing electric one-wheeled motorcycle is called the Mega Hub Motor Electric Unicycle. Is it the best DIY project of 2018 so far? Quite possibly so.
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Do it yourself: How to buy and install a garbage disposal in your home

Sometimes they die of old age, and sometimes people put the wrong items down them. Whatever the reason is your disposal needs replacing, this guide can help you pick out and install a garbage disposal for your home.
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This robot can mimic your hand gestures and whoop you at rock-paper-scissors

A collaboration between innovation studio Deeplocal and Google’s Android Things, this DIY HandBot is a robot hand that can recognize and replicate your gestures. It can even play rock-paper-scissors.

How to make coasters that connect guests to your Wi-Fi with a single tap

Tired of reciting your Wi-Fi password every time your houseguests want to connect to your network? We've got a solution for you: NFC drink coasters that automatically grant guests access to your Wi-Fi when they tap their phones on them.

Build a bottle opener that uses magnet magic to catch your caps

You can never have enough bottle openers. In this article, we'll show you how to build one that not only looks good on your wall, but also collects all the beer caps with a powerful rare-earth magnet that's hidden in the back. Check it out!
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This Japanese-style bench is easy to build and supports butts of all sizes

Despite the fact that it only requires three cedar boards and is ridiculously easy to build, this pagoda-style Japanese garden bench is an absolute stunner
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Got an old cardboard box? Make your own VR goggles for under $10

Thanks to Google, you can now get your hands on a fully functional cardboard VR headset for around 20 bucks. That's pretty cheap -- but what you might not realize is that you can build a DIY version for even cheaper.

Sling your suds in style with this DIY beer caddy made from a pallet

If you have access to a bunch of old wood pallets and are looking for a simple but useful project to put them to use, we highly recommend this rustic, reusable beer carrier.
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DIY guide: How to replace a bathroom faucet

Doing a bit of home improvement? You can install a bathroom faucet for under $100, and it's a pretty easy DIY project. Our nifty guide will help take your bathroom faucet from drab to fab.
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Bang and Olufsen’s new open source project makes vintage speakers wireless

Bang & Olufsen has announced a new DIY project in partnership with Swiss audio company HiFiBerry that lets owners transform their vintage B&O model speakers into modern wireless workhorses.

Upgrading RAM is always worth the money. Here's how to install it yourself

If your computer is starting to slow down, there are a number of options for rejuvenating its performance, and one of them is upgrading the memory capacity. Here's how to install RAM for a quick boost to your PC.