Awesome new bill legalizes cell phone unlocking, ‘fixes’ the DMCA

The newly introduced Unlocking Technology Act of 2013 legalizes cell phone unlocking, jailbreaking, game console modding, and "fixes" the DMCA by amending its controversial Section 1201. Consumer rights advocates are jumping for joy.

The Digital Self: Fight the man, buy a CD

A recent ruling in federal court says that it is against copyright law to resell digital goods like music and ebooks over the Web. Our only option, then, is to take our consumption offline, where we still have ownership rights.

Meet the muzzled copyright crusader who believes laws are paralyzing progress

Former staffer for the House Republican Study Committee Derek Khanna goes on the record with Digital Trends to discuss cell phone unlocking, and the despearte need to reform copyright policy in the U.S.

AT&T defends its unlock policy, saying it has a ‘Bottom Line’

AT&T is hated for a lot of reasons, and one more to add is its continual resistance to opening up its cellphone unlock policy. AT&T has released a statement not only defending its actions, but rebuking critcism against the company

Here are the bills that could make cell phone unlocking permanently legal

Two bills have been introduced that would allow customers to unlock their cell phone. Unfortunately, unlocking advocates say neither bill goes far enough to really solve the problems with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Cell phone unlocking will soon be legal again – count on it

Following a wave of public outrage and support from the Obama administration, Congress is clamoring for the chance to make cell phone unlocking legal again. But will what they come up with count as a win for consumers?

White House thinks ‘illegal’ cell phone unlocking is just as stupid as you do

In a win for "common sense," the White House today said that it believes unlocking off-contract cell phones – and tablets – should be perfectly legal, and has urged Congress and the FCC to fix the problem.

What happens if you unlock your smartphone now that it’s illegal?

On Saturday, unlocking new cell phones that have been locked down by wireless carriers officially became illegal. The decision from the U.S. Copyright Office and the Librarian of Congress to delete phone unlocking from the list of…
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Myspace accused of ripping off indie labels

Myspace wants to be the new place to stream music. But licensing group Merlin says the revamped social network already has a copyright infringement problem.

DMCA takedowns plague DJs no more thanks toTheFuture.FM’s MixSCAN

TheFuture.FM will launch the world's first DJ royalty program, powered by its music identification tech called MixSCAN.
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Copyright infringing tweets now withheld, not removed

Twitter changed its legal policy, citing transparency, for tweets taken down by DMCA complains. Twitter now withholds suspected tweets instead of removing them altogether.

8 things you think you own, but don’t

The rise of digital goods and software-reliant gadgets has thrown a wrench in the contemporary concept of ownership. Here are eight products that, even though you paid for them, aren't entirely yours.