A QR code may change the way we donate money to the homeless

An entrepreneur has developed Greater Change, an app that uses a QR code to make donating money much easier, and more transparent, in a world where carrying cash is becoming less common.
Social Media

GoFundMe debuts Team Fundraising to let groups raise money for the same cause

GoFundMe is capitalizing on the social aspect of its cause-based fundraising platform by launching GoFundMe Team Fundraising, a new initiative that lets multiple people raise money for a single entity.

Samsung debuts new measures to stay out of any other bribery scandals

Samsung announced a number of new measures that seek to "bring greater transparency and accountability in managing financial donations and monetary support for corporate social responsibility (CSR)-related activities and funds."

Patagonia will donate all its Black Friday sales to environmental groups

When Patagonia, a popular outdoor clothing and gear store, announced that it would donate 100 percent of its global sales from Black Friday, the firm never expected the record-breaking numbers that it experienced.

T-Mobile makes it easier to donate to Red Cross Louisiana flood relief

T-Mobile is offering customers a way to donate free of fees to Red Cross recovery efforts in Louisiana. It's not the only carrier extending a hand -- Verizon is providing free internet access and charging stations at its regional locations.

The Pirate Bay pulls in a whopping $9 a day in bitcoin donations

Bitcoin donations never quite caught on as much as the copyright lobbyists thought they would, with even giant sites like The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents pulling just a few dollars a day between them.
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Wanna donate to your favorite candidate’s campaign? Do it on Twitter with Square

Twitter and Square want to make it even easier for you to support your favorite presidential candidate by introducing the $Cashtag, a unique URL campaigns can now use to request donations from supporters.

Feeling charitable? eBay unveils donation feature in latest app update

Already available for Web users of eBay as well as those on Android, the e-commerce company this week rolled out a new feature for iOS users enabling sellers to easily donate a percentage of each sale to their favorite charity.

Mozilla hopes you’re in a giving mood, asks for in-browser Firefox charity

Despite recently signing a no doubt lucrative partnership with Yahoo, the Mozilla Foundation needs more money from Firefox fans to make the browser better.

YouTube rolls out ‘fan funding’ feature to boost creator revenue (and its own, too)

YouTube creators with popular videos can already make a few bucks via ads, though now they have the added option to invite donations through a new 'fan funding' feature officially introduced by the Google-owned company this week.

Charity made mobile: How to give from your phone without getting scammed

Smartphones aren't just good for avoiding the malls this holiday season. While you're loading a virtual shopping cart with goodies, stop and check out some of the ways you can use your phone to give back the smart way.
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Fan holding up sign on ESPN racks up over $24,000 in Bitcoin donations

Definitely a unique way to score a ton of Bitcoins in a short period of time, an Auburn college student took advantage of a live television broadcast on ESPN to beg for digital donations.

Slacktivists, unite! Social media campaigns aren’t just feel-good back patting

Unicef says "Likes don't save lives," ribbing social media "slacktivists" whose social consciences only extend as far as their mousepad. But are they guilting the wrong people with this campaign?

Salvation Army rolls out digital donations with Square

While the adoption of the Square credit card reader continues to grow among large and small businesses, one popular charitable organization has latched onto the mobile payment device for the 2011 holiday season.

Wikipedia founder says app stores are a threat to the Net, site celebrates 10 years

In a speech celebrating the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia, Founder Jimmy Wales expressed concern over the rise of App Stores, claiming they could harm the freedom of the Web.