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This super-sized drone has several tricks up its sleeve

Drones are entering a growing number of industries, with various designs allowing businesses to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Aerones, for one, has come up with a super-sized drone that can perform a range of tasks.
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Fold it, stretch it, grip it! An origami-inspired arm gives drones grip

Engineers have developed a robotic appendage designed to give drones a better grip on the world. Inspired by origami, the innovative arm can be folded for transport and self-assemble into a rigid appendage when it’s needed for use.
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A consumer drone crashed and burned, and then caused a wildfire

We know how drones can hamper firefighters tackling a wildfire from the air, but this is the first time we've heard of a drone actually starting a blaze. The incident occurred last week just north of Flagstaff, Arizona.

Ford is lifting off from the roads and looking into drone technology

Ford has long been part of what happens on the road, but now, it's setting its sights just a little higher -- literally. The automotive company recently published a blog post that revealed it is "looking to the skies" with drone research.
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Lawmakers discussing proposal that would allow cops to take over drones

Wiretapping laws mean the police can't use a radio jammer to bring down a misbehaving drone, but officials are discussing potential legislation to change that. The bill isn't official yet -- and a similar proposal failed last year.
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DJI’s Mavic Pro drone has just dropped to its lowest-ever price

DJI's Mavic Pro drone is now competing with the newer Mavic Air for sales, but a deal on Amazon currently has it on sale for even cheaper than the Mavic Air.
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Flight Director for Bebop drones lets you create cool videos in a few taps

A new offering from Parrot helps you create cool edits of your drone footage in just a few taps. Compatible with Bebop drones, Flight Director costs $20 via Parrot's FreeFlight Pro app, though there is a free tier, too.
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How British cops used a drone to save a car crash victim’s life

Here's the moment British police using a drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera locate a car crash victim in the dead of night. The man was found unconscious in a ditch some 160 meters from where the car flipped.

Dolce & Gabbana drones fly the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week

Dolce & Gabbana sent a bunch of handbag-carrying drones onto the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week on Sunday. Around seven quadcopters, each with propeller guards in place, buzzed along the runway with the bags dangling underneath.
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A drone and helicopter reportedly tangled in South Carolina. The helicopter lost.

A drone may be implicated as the cause of a recent helicopter crash in South Carolina. If the unmanned flying object is indeed determined to be the at fault, this will mark the first drone-related crash of an aircraft in the U.S.
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Meet the Skydio R1: A portable A.I. camera drone that truly flies itself

Skydio's R1 promises to be the smartest flying 4K camera you’ve ever tried -- with its guiding mission being to keep you in the frame at all times, while dodging any obstacles around it.
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DJI Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro: Which drone is better?

You can find full specs for both the Mavic Pro and the new Mavic Air on DJI's website, but unfortunately you can't look at all those pages simultaneously -- so we put all the main features side-by-side for your convenience.