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Upcoming dual-lens smartphones could have more 3D for less cash with Lucid

LucidCam uses two lenses to capture 3D video, and that tech is heading to smartphones. Lucid is now integrating its software into mobile devices, which the company says will bring more 3D features to more devices.

Samsung’s new sensor mixes hardware and software, enabling cheaper dual cameras

Dual cameras tend to be on the pricier smartphone models -- but by simplifying the design process, Samsung's latest dual camera smartphone sensors could change that. The new design packages both hardware and software together.

Photo industry turnaround? Image sensors propel Sony to record profits

Sony's latest financials offer hope for photographers concerned with the industries decline, with high camera sensor sales giving the company record first quarter profits. Sony is estimated to have about 45 percent of the image sensor…
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Honor 6X smartphone is now available in-store and online from Target for $250

The Honor 6X offers speed, looks, and the latest must-have smartphone trend -- a dual-lens rear camera. All for $250. It also has the latest version of Android available as an update. Here's everything you need to know about it.

ZTE debuts the Nubia Z17 mini smartphone for developing markets

ZTE has launched the Nubia Z17 Mini, an affordable smartphone with an octa-core processor and dual cameras, in developing markets. It ships along with the company's entry-level 360-degree camera, the Nubia NeoAir VR.

ZTE's next Nubia smartphone could boast a dual-camera setup on the back

ZTE set a date for its next Nubia event: March 21. But what should we expect? Well, the teaser seems to hint at a dual-camera phone, however, we have yet to get any more details about the upcoming device.

Dual cameras won't be such a luxury with this new mid-level processor

Smartphones are a sum of their parts but a new processor may make mid-priced dual-camera smartphones easier to find. Designed for phones without quite so much power or price, the Helios P25 still supports dual cameras.

How Portrait mode elevates mobile photography in the iPhone 7 Plus

The iOS 10.1 beta is out in the wild, and iPhone 7 Plus owners can get their first stab at the new Portrait mode. While it may not stack up to a "real" camera in a side-by-side comparison, the effect is actually quite good.

Qualcomm's Clear Sight uses dual cameras to deliver improved clarity, contrast

Qualcomm's new Clear Sight platform leverages dual cameras in supported smartphones to deliver pics with improved contrast, clarity, and sharpness. The chipmaker's working with manufacturers to build it into into future phones.

Should your next phone have a dual camera setup?

Remember when megapixels were the only thing that mattered? The latest innovation pushing for wide adoption in high-end smartphones is the dual rear-facing camera setup. Technology reviewer Austin Evans offers a video explanation.

LG V10 launches on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon this week

LG took the wraps off its V10 smartphone, which, in addition to sporting dual screens, packs twin front-facing shooters and high-end hardware. It's ready for sale through AT&T from Oct. 27, but there's no word on the 2nd Generation Watch…

Apple, too, is working on a dual-camera technology, but entirely different from HTC’s

Apple has filed a patent for a dual-sensor camera technology that separates brightness and color information. While HTC is the first to unveil a dual-camera phone, Apple's technology takes a different approach.

Toshiba starts to ship Lytro-like 5-megapixel dual camera

Toshiba is showing off its 5MP dual camera on the CES 2014 show floor. It hopes to have the module, which can detect depth data and provide focus to all parts of an image, installed in phones and tablets in the future.