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How to convert DVD to MP4

Given today's rapid technological advancements, physical discs are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Check out our guide on how to convert a DVD to MP4, so you can ditch discs for digital files.
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MPAA: DVD, Blu-ray sales nearly halved in 5 years as viewers shift to streaming

The annual THEME Report by the MPAA confirmed that viewers are switching from physical media to streaming services. While DVD and Blu-ray sales are falling, subscriptions to services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are growing.
how to convert DVD to MP4

This Kickstarter wants to put your old DVDs to use, and Hollywood is going to hate it

A new project on Kickstarter by the name of MovieSwap wants to take your old DVDs and use them to create the a free streaming service. It's ambitious, and you can be sure Hollywood will do everything it can to stop it.

Sorry, subscribers: Netflix price hike makes good business sense

Netflix customers are furious over the company’s decision to raise its prices by 60 percent. But according to market analyst assessment, Netflix made the right move.
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The death of DVD

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