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TiVo’s Bolt OTA gives cord-cutters the 4K set-top box they’ve been waiting for

The OTA market is heating up. Amazon just released its OTA DVR and now TiVo has updated its own OTA offering, the Bolt OTA. With 4K compatibility and a much faster processor, it could be the OTA receiver cord-cutters have been waiting for.
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Amazon’s Fire TV Recast promises over-the-air shows, DVR for all your screens

Amazon has set its sights on the cord-cutting crowd with a new over-the-air HD receiver and DVR called the Fire TV Recast. The box, which starts at $229, can record two programs at the same time and stream live content to Fire TV devices.
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Amazon’s next piece of hardware could turn your Fire TV into a DVR

Amazon is reportedly working on a new piece of hardware referred to as “Frank” within the company that would take on Tivo by adding DVR-style functionality to its Fire TV streaming devices.
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Take the pain out of cutting the cord with our picks for the best OTA receivers

If you’re a cord cutter, or you’re thinking of finally taking the plunge, there’s never been a better time to drop your cable or satellite provider and start tuning in to free, over-the-air HD broadcasts. These OTA receivers ought to…
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Alexa can now take over DVR duties for TiVo, DirecTV, and more

Recording a show or switching between streaming apps will be easier than ever with new developer tools now available for Amazon's Alexa. You can record shows by name or easily control on-screen playback.
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Tivo’s Next-Gen Platform is here to shake up streaming — and cable

Tivo is back! The DVR giant is launching the Next-Gen Platform, which will bring your cable content and your streaming content together in one place. For those who have trouble keeping things organized, this could be big.
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Forget fast-forwarding, Plex DVR can now remove commercials for you

If the 30-second skip button on your remote is starting to wear out, Plex has a solution. Plex DVR can now automatically remove commercials from your DVR recordings before you even press play, so no more fast-forwarding.
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‘Skip these commercials!’ The Bolt Vox is the first TiVo you can talk to

TiVo is listening to its customers -- literally -- with the addition of voice commands for search and playback function on its new line of Bolt 4K set-top boxes, including the 4K-capable TiVo Bolt Vox and Mini Vox.
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Plex’s latest update means Android users can stream live TV — from anywhere

Take control of your content! The most recent update for popular streaming management platform Plex allows users to pause and rewind live TV from anywhere, and adds support for Apple TV and Android devices.
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DirecTV Now and later: AT&T plans to add offline viewing to streaming service

AT&T has big plans for DirecTV Now's future, including new features such as cloud DVR, live TV pausing, and offline viewing of TV episodes and movies. The new features are expected to hit DirecTV Now sometime in 2018.
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Comcast’s Xfinity Stream app will offer remote access to DVR recordings

Ideal for anyone that's currently a Comcast subscriber, the cable giant is launching a new mobile app that offers access to live TV streams as well as video content currently stored on the DVR.
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Google upgrades Fiber TV with smart search, new look, RT ratings

Possibly ideal for anyone that currently subscribes to Google Fiber, the user interface to Google's Fiber TV platform has been overhauled with a new design in addition to a few new features.
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TiVo unleashes its biggest, baddest DVR yet with the new 4K Bolt+

When we reviewed the TiVo Bolt in 2015, we called it the company's best yet, but now its successor has been announced, and it looks pretty impressive, with six tuners and 3TB of built-in storage.
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TiVo is working on a new DVR, but this one doesn’t plug into your TV

TiVo might have ended support for its original DVR earlier this month, but an FCC filing has revealed a new model in the works, and this one could work with your existing streaming boxes.
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Plex adds a DVR feature, allowing it to serve as an all-in-one entertainment hub

For years, Plex fans have been asking for a DVR feature, and that day has finally come, thanks to a partnership with tuner manufacturer SiliconDust, maker of the HDHomeRun tuner hardware.

Xbox One DVR plans cancelled

In a statement to The Verge, Microsoft announced that it will be suspending its plans to turn the Xbox One into a DVR. It was announced back at Gamescom 2015, but Microsoft has decided to double down on games.
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TiVo Bolt owners can now watch TV anywhere thanks to a new software update

TiVo has introduced a software update that brings fixes to many models, but the biggest change is that the TiVo Bolt now supports out-of-home streaming, something Roamio owners have been enjoying for some time.

Confirmed: The Xbox One will gain TV DVR functionality starting in 2016

According to a report, the Xbox One may gain DVR features for live television later this year. The exact implementation, however, remains unclear, as do any potential limits on the functionality.