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Electronic Arts will remove Washington Redskins name, logo in Madden NFL 21

It will be replaced with a generic team for now
madden nfl 21 washington redskins in

Premier League broadcaster will use FIFA to fill stadiums with fake cheering

Sky Sports viewers can turn crowd noise on and off
FIFA 20 Squad Battles

E3 2019: Madden NFL 20 feels like it might have the X-factor

Madden NFL 20 doesn't reinvent the franchise, but its new X-Factor mechanic injects a bit of arcade magic, and we're happy to finally have Run-Pass Option plays at our disposal. Veteran fans will no doubt use them to tear up unskilled competitors.

‘NHL 17’ simulation picks Nashville Predators to hoist the Stanley Cup

NHL 17 has simulated the 2016 hockey season and predicts that the Nashville Predators will hoist the Stanley Cup. The Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid, last year's first-overall draft pick, is predicted to be the MVP.
NHL 17 Review