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Today, A.I. helps detect tiny earthquakes. Tomorrow, it might predict the big one

In a recent study, an A.I. system was shown to be more accurate than current methods at detecting earthquakes, and may help bring scientists and seismologists closer to the elusive goal of earthquake prediction.
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Scientists use a supercomputer to simulate one of history’s biggest quakes

Hoping to help improve quake defenses, researchers have used a supercomputer to carry out a simulation of the December 2004 earthquake and tsunami which caused the deaths of more than 200,000 people.
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Fiber optic lines could soon deliver earthquake detection, too

New research from Stanford University suggests that we may soon be able to leverage those fiber optic networks not only to deliver high-speed connectivity, but also to continuously monitor and study earthquakes.
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Amazing new spray-on cement could help old buildings survive earthquakes

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have developed a new type of cement which can be sprayed onto the walls of existing buildings, and will help make them more earthquake resistant.

Following earthquake, wireless carriers offer free calling from U.S. to Mexico

Following the tragic Mexico City earthquake, mobile carriers have begun allowing customers to call and text to Mexico for free. Here's how each carrier has responded to the tragedy.
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These 7 quake-resistant buildings are designed to withstand the next big shockwave

In areas with increased seismic activity, earthquake resistance is a major engineering consideration. Here are 7 of our favorite buildings designed to withstand a major earthquake.

Verizon gives customers free calls, texts to Indonesia in wake of deadly quake

Verizon is offering customers free calls and texts to Indonesia following a deadly 6.4 magnitude earthquake in the country that toppled 100 buildings including a hospital and five mosques.

T-Mobile makes calls, texts from U.S. to Italy free in aftermath of deadly earthquake

In response to the earthquake in central Italy, T-Mobile has made calling and texting to Italy free. The earthquake struck early Wednesday morning, at a magnitude of 6.2.
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Want to track quakes on your own? Get a Raspberry Shake before campaign ends

Was that a tremor you just felt? You don't have to be a seismologist to answer that question,not if you have the Raspberry Shake, that is. It's branded as a "professional grade personal seismograph"

False smartphone alert of major quake leaves millions in Japan sweating

Millions of smartphones across Tokyo started beeping in unison on Monday after a quake-alert app warned them that a huge tremor was about to strike. It was, however, sent in error, sparking unnecessary panic among those expecting the worst.

Sony announces delays for flagship zoom lens and half a dozen cameras

Following a statement announcing the delay of six camera bodies, Sony has shared that its flagship 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS telephoto zoom lens will be delayed by four months, pushing its release back to Q4 of 2016.

Was that an earthquake? Google will now let you know

Google has announced a new partneship with the U.S. Geological Survey to add detailed earthquake information to its search results. Google says this will allow people to get timely information to help them stay safe.

Google and Verizon connecting Japan and Ecuador earthquake victims with loved ones

Google and Verizon have, with a combination of tools and fee waivers, made it easier to contact victims of the Japan and Ecuador earthquakes. They're also contributing to the relief efforts in both countries.
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This earthquake-proof bed is even more terrifying than an earthquake

When the ground starts shaking, sensors in this earthquake-proof bed detect the movement, triggering a sort of trapdoor-like effect, where the mattress drops into a box with supplies and a lid closes over top of you.
Social Media

Twitter is now being used to track earthquakes

in a recent blog post, the social media giant has explained how the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has begun relying on Twitter and tweets to track and detect earthquakes with surprising accuracy and efficiency.
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Earth shake! Brinco is a personal early-warning system for earthquakes and tsunamis

There's no way to predict earthquakes, but if one is about a strike, there are ways to send out an alert a few seconds before. Those few seconds can make a lot of difference, which is why Brinco wants everyone to have a personalized…
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Hover technology may help your house float during an earthquake

Arx Pax wants to eventually use its magnetic technology to give structures the ability to levitate. This technology could be deployed in the event of an earthquake, preventing significant damage.
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Earthquake-proof desk can withstand a ton of weight, literally

The desk is composed of steel and wood, and its structure is what keeps it from collapsing under more than a ton of weight. In the event of an earthquake, students could use the furniture as a form of shelter.