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Look forward to your morning commute with one of the best ebikes available

A proper ebike is perfect for commuting or a trek along the trailhead, with most offering pedal assistance and a long-range battery. As more brands offer their own take on this innovative way to get around, it's hard to distinguish the…

This low-maintenance ebike makes it easy to get into urban commuting

Priority Bicycle's new Embark model is an ebike that has been built to be a low-maintenance model built with urban commuters in mind by offering reliable and durable components built to last.

The Wau stands out in the crowded ebike market with its 60-mile range

The Wau ebike is a high-tech commuter that offers onboard GPS tracking, geofenced alarm systems, built-in front and rear lights, and pedal-assist speeds of up to 20 mph, with a range of as much as 60 miles between charges.

Commuter, adventurer, or kids’ chauffeur, Riese & Müller has an ebike for you

The Load 75 is the latest addition to the Riese & Muller ebike lineup, delivering a cargo bike that can accommodate an adult and up to three children, while also remaining fast, agile, and easy to pedal on the road.

Yamaha’s new electric gravel bike is ready for rough terrain rides

At Interbike 2018, Yamaha took the wraps off of the latest edition to its ebike line-up by revealing a prototype of the Wabash, an electric gravel bike built for use on rough roads and for long-distance riding.

Yamaha brings Power Assist ebikes to the U.S. for the first time

Yamaha has announced that its line of four Power Assist ebikes are now available in cycling shops across the U.S., marking the very first time that those electric bikes have been sold in the country.

The colorful Bosch Kiox ushers in the next generation of ebike computers

The new Bosch Kiox is the next generation of ebike computers, delivering the usual features we've come to expect, along with improved durability, a full-color screen, Bluetooth connectivity, and other much-needed upgrades.

The Mate X folding ebike carries a 55-mile range with an affordable price tag

The Mate X folding ebike promises to deliver a range of up to 55 miles, speeds of 20 mph, and an affordable price point. The bike is already a success on Indiegogo, raising $2.4 million in just a few weeks time.

Pirelli is recycling car tires into ebike tires

Pirelli introduced the Cycl-e tires for electric bicycles. Designed for city use, the new tires come in five varieties and a full range of sizes and weights. The Cycl-e tires are made in part from recycled rubber bits from automobile tires.

This ebike has nearly twice the range of the Chevy Volt

The Stromer ST3 is an urban commuter ebike that offers pedal-assist speeds of up to 28 mph and a range of as far as 93 miles on a single charge, while also offering GPS tracking and other anti-theft features.

The LAPD does its part to cut down on smog, adds ebikes to its patrol fleet

The Los Angles Police Department announced that it will add 20 ebikes to its fleet of vehicles, giving bike-mounted officers faster and more efficient ways of responding to emergency situations.

Take to the streets with Gazelle’s CityZen ebike for urban commuters

Gazelle's CityZen T10 ebike was built with urban commuters in mind, complete with a top speed of 28 mph and a range of 85 miles, allowing it to ride safely with traffic and avoid having to recharge too often.

The JackRabbit ebike/scooter hybrid is unlike anything else on the road

The JackRabbit is the hybrid of a scooter and an ebike, with a top speed of 18 mph and a range of 13 miles on a single charge, while still managing to weigh less than 20 pounds, making it easy to store and transport.

The versatile HPC Scout is a beast on the road and on the trail

With optional components added, the HPC Scout off-road ebike can achieve speeds of up to 40 mph and a range of as much as 42 miles, making it one of the fastest and most versatile electric bikes on the market.

The Focus Paralane2 may change your mind about how heavy ebikes can be

Focus has taken the wraps off of its new Paralane2 ebike, which weighs 28.8 pounds but drops to just 22 pounds when the detachable motor and battery pack are removed, making it one of the lightest ebikes around.

Urban commuters can get a pedal boost with two new ebikes from VanMoof

VanMoof announced two new ebikes in the form of the Electrified X2 and S2, which feature motors and battery packs that offer speeds of up to 19 mph and a range of up to 93 miles, with anti-theft and Bluetooth connectivity, too.
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Leaos Pressed ebike keeps the weight off without skimping on tech

The Leaos Pressed ebike tips the scales at just 31 pounds, but still features a 250-watt electric hub motor, a removable battery pack, and tech add-ons like GPS tracking, mobile app integration, and LED lighting systems.

Juiced Bikes puts its own spin on the scrambler-style ebike

Juiced Bikes has launched a trio of new ebikes on Indiegogo, each of which falls into the "scrambler" design category and comes with a 52-volt battery and choice of two electric drive systems.