Uber narrowly avoids a shutdown in Egypt, but its victory may not last

Uber has avoided another shutdown – at least, for now. This weekend, a court in Egypt ruled that a previous decision to suspend Uber and other ridesharing companies’ licenses would not be upheld.

Egypt blocks access to private messaging app Signal

In Turkey, it's Tor that's being blocked. In Egypt, it's Signal. In the latest act of censorship taken by a governmental body, access to the encrypted messaging app has been blocked in the North African nation,

Next Assassin's Creed is looking good, according to Ubisoft execs

The next Assassin's Creed is coming along nicely, according to Ubisoft, with executives claiming that the game looks good. However, we can't expect it any time soon, as the French publisher wants to put a lot of polish on it before release.
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After refusing government surveillance, Faebook’s Free Basics blocked in Egypt

Facebook's Free Basics and its defense of user privacy has resulted in the service being banned in Egypt. The government chose to nix Free Basics at the end of 2015 after Facebook refused to allow officials to use the tool for government…
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Users repurpose Egyptian government's tourism hashtag to voice dissent

An official hashtag created by the Egyptian government to promote tourism has been hijacked by Egyptians to voice their dissent. Twitter users have been using #ThisisEgypt to protest Egypt's human rights abuses.
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Women-only taxi service Pink Taxi just launched in Egypt

Pink Taxi, a women-only car service that was recently launched in the African nation in hopes keeping women safe and curtailing the high rate of assaults against them. Because getting in a car shouldn't be seen as an opportunity for rape.
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Egypt has developed a game-changing low-power water desalination technique

Researchers at Alexandria University in Egypt have bypassed traditional power-hungry methods of desalination, creating a simple filtration technique that purifies water quickly and affordably.

Egyptian divers arrested for cutting underwater Internet cables, that’s not how you phish

It seems three Egyptian criminals have given a whole new meaning to the term Internet "phishing." Three divers were arrested Wednesday after coastguards found the men attempting to cut underwater Internet cables.

Egyptian court bans YouTube over anti-Islam film

An Egyptian court has banned YouTube - for the next thirty days, at least, as a judge seeks to punish the site for allowing the controversial video 'The Innocence of Muslims' to exist without intervention. But will such a ban have any…

Australia backs down on Internet porn filter plan, while Egypt pushes ahead

Australia has decided against introducing a mandatory, all-encompassing Internet porn filter, while in Egypt, the government has taken the opposite decision and will introduce just such a scheme soon.

Stunning “Around the World” time-lapse video created with over 6,000 photos

While many Americans worry about their job during uncertain economic times, photographer Kien Lam decided to ditch his job as a finance analyst to follow his passion for photography.
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Study confirms social media’s revolutionary role in Arab Spring

A study from the University of Washington shows that social media, like Twitter and Facebook, did, indeed, play a major role in sparking the Arab Spring revolutions that engulfed the Middle East and Northern Africa this year.

U.S. funding Internet censorship workarounds for repressive countries

The U.S. State Department is helping fund efforts to create "shadow" digital and phone networks so dissidents can bypass state-controlled censorship.

UN declares Internet access a human right

A new report says Internet access is a human right, and one that states need to use policies to enforce.