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Easily transform your boring bike into an ebike with the GeoOrbital Wheel

Transform your regular bicycle into a fully powered electric bicycle in under 60 seconds with the GeoOrbital wheel. The fully contained electric wheel snaps on in place of your regular front wheel, so it can turn virtually any bicycle into…

The Cowboy ebike may usher in the next generation of electric bicycles

The Cowboy bike purports to be the new standard in ebikes, and unlike its compatriots and competitors, doesn't actually look like an electronic piece of machinery. Rather, it just looks like a bike. 

The Flash is a smarter e-bike with a powerful motor and advanced security

Flash brings a whole new level of intelligence to e-bikes with a powerful motor that propels the bike up to 28mph, advanced safety features including high-intensity LED lights, and top-notch security.

Latest Pedego electric bicycle is inspired by iconic Airstream trailers

California-based Pedego is attempting to capture the essence of the summer with an electric pedal assist bicycle that's inspired by the popular Airstream brand of luxury trailer campers.

Tackle any trail with this beastly, 3-wheeled electric mountain bike

The 90-pound Juggernaut looks like the perfect blend of a motocross bike and a Jeep and after taking it out for a brief spin, it's safe to say this three-wheeled beast has the ability to tame the toughest of trails.
Emerging Tech

Turn (almost) any bike into an electric bike with the UrbanX wheel

If you’re in the mood — but not the market — for an electric bicycle, a new Kickstarter campaign might have you covered with UrbanX, a wheel that converts almost any manual bike into an e-bike.

Avoid locks and roll into work with the folding, electric bike from Airwheel

The hardest part of commuting by bicycle is finding somewhere to lock it. Even if you find a place, theft is always a concern. With the Airwheel R5, you can avoid this problem by folding it up and bringing it with you.

Rad Power Bikes offer an electric alternative to four wheels

Rad Power Bikes are ebikes that can perform many functions. They can haul cargo or get you to work. They can average 20 mph for 30 miles, depending on payload and riding conditions.