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Smart Home

Building a new home in the U.K.? You may have to install an EV charging station

This week, the U.K. government unveiled a new plan to create a more environmentally friendly future. One of the key proposals involves requiring new homes to come with built-in electric vehicle charging stations.

Taiga’s TS2 electric snowmobile can go from 0 to 60 in just 3 seconds

Taiga Motors' TS2 electric snowmobile is capable of reaching 60 miles-per-hour (100 kilometers-per-hour) from a standing start in just three seconds’ flat. All yours for just $15,000!

London’s iconic black cab hits the road with a high-tech makeover

London's iconic black cab recently received a high-tech makeover, with the first one taking to the streets on Monday, January 22. Forecasts suggest that by the end of 2020, 9,000 of London’s 23,000 black cabs will be…

The future may be electric, and Ford is pledging $11 billion to make it happen

On Sunday, January 14, Ford announced plans to seriously up the ante on its investments in electric vehicles, pledging $11 billion by 2022 and promising 40 hybrid and fully electric vehicles in the next four years.

Forget 10 and 2: The GM Cruise AV doesn’t have a steering wheel

What's the difference between a car and a chair? In the future, not much, if General Motors has its way. The Detroit-based automaker submitted a revolutionary idea that involves a truly autonomous vehicle called the Cruise AV.

EV for one, please. Electra Meccanica Solo gets you off gas for $15,500

Electra Meccanica is helping you say "no" to the ever-annoying, "Can I get a ride?" question. Meet the Electra Meccanica Solo, a car that holds only you, yourself, and your lonesome.

Volta, Hubject partner to make it easier to find a free place to charge your EV

Software platform Hubject and Volta Charging have partnered to help make charging stations visible in navigation systems from more than 60 e-mobility service providers across the world, including some major auto companies.

BMW is investing in the future with a new test track for self-driving cars

There's a new racetrack in the works in the Czech Republic, but don't expect to see just any vehicle take to the new loop. Rather, this test track is made specifically for the testing of self-driving and electric cars from automaker BMW.

Meet the ‘Hesla,’ a modded Tesla Model S that runs on hydrogen fuel

A company in the Netherlands has added hydrogen fuel cells to a stock Tesla using an extreme after-market modification. The 'Project Hesla' prototype nearly doubles the range of the luxury electric vehicle.

You can now rent an all-electric Chanje moving van from Ryder

Ryder recently ordered 125 completely electric vans from Chanje (pronounced "change"), which are said to be the very first of their kind in North America. You'll be able to rent them in New York, California, and Illinois.

Don't call it a scooter! Urb-E is a new way to thread through cities

Urb-E is both a company name and product. The latter is a lightweight, foldable form of transport designed to fit in a crowded, fast paced world. We went hands-on for our Urb-E electric vehicle review.

Uno Bolt is a fat-wheeled electric unicycle with Gyro Force technology

As gyroscrope technology advences, developers are becoming more adventurous with their designs. One such example is the Uno Bolt, the world's first fat-wheeled electric unicycle with Gyro Force.

ChargePoint has taken over all of GE’s 10,000 charging stations

On Tuesday, ChargePoint announced that it had taken over management of GE's EV charging network, adding almost 10,000 residential and commercial charging spots to its burgeoning base.

Nissan is working on a new electric vehicle with 342 miles of range

Nissan is reportedly building a new electric vehicle with 324 miles of range. Also, the next-generation Leaf will boast 150 miles of range.
Emerging Tech

Lilium’s new VTOL jet puts you a step closer to flying to work, Jetsons-style

German startup Lilium Aviation says it has completed test flights on the world’s first electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) personal jet at a private airfield in Bavaria.

Volvo’s electric vehicle will fight Tesla’s Model 3 and Chevy’s Bolt EV for buyers

The Volvo EV, previewed by the 40.2 sedan concept, will be priced in Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt EV territory when it comes to market in 2019. The next Volvo S40 will underpin the EV.

Fisker shows off the rear end of its Tesla-fighting EMotion EV

Fisker Automotive has released yet another teaser of its 400-mile EMotion EV Concept ahead of a 2017 debut. Fisker says we can expect 400 miles of all-electric range and a top speed of 161 mph.

The White House plans 48 electric vehicle ‘charging corridors’ across the U.S.

The Obama Administration announced key programs to accelerate EV and charging infrastructure deployment in 48 national highway corridors. Partnerships with states, municipalities, and the private sector all support infrastructure growth.