SwiftKey leak sends users’ email addresses, phone numbers to strangers

It's supposed to be predicting the next word or now, emoji, that you want to use, but SwiftKey is in trouble after users discovered that bad suggestions were actually the result of a data leak.

The FBI wants to read your emails without a warrant

The Senate Intelligence Committee has approved a bill that would give the FBI the ability to acquire consumer email communications, without needing a warrant to do so. It remains to be seen if the full Senate will give it the thumbs up…

Google Inbox simplifies event planning by grouping related emails

Google has updated Inbox to include a "Save to Inbox" button for links. Inbox will also now group emails from particular events together, so you won't have to deal with dozens of emails for that event.
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LinkedIn has built a tool to help it stop sending out so many emails

LinkedIn is well known for sending out tons of emails to users, a situation that landed it in court recently. Apparently keen to finally deal with the matter, the social network has just unveiled a new system it promises will help cut its…

Instagram launches ‘Highlights’ email in bid to reignite interest among lapsed users

If you once dabbled with Instagram but haven't used it for ages, you might soon be getting a 'Highlights' email from the company showcasing the best of what you've missed.

Microsoft says it won’t look into your emails, chats, videos, or voicemails for ad targeting

A new Microsoft policy claims that the company won't scan user emails, chats, videos, or voice mail to tailor adds to them. However, they'll still be listening for other purposes, and the agreement doesn't go into effect just yet.

MailTracker adds confirmation receipts to iPhone’s Mail app

Wondering if that important email you sent has been viewed yet? MailTracker will let you know by linking up with your Apple Mail account and providing updates on interaction with your sent messages.

Microsoft employee email accounts hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Microsoft is not getting off to a great start in 2014, now crediting the infamous Syrian Electronic Army for hacking into their internal email accounts. Read on to learn more here.
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Facebook wants to send you fewer email notifications

Facebook is testing a new way to limit email overload, but should it have asked first?

LulzSec wages war with Anonymous and 4Chan, releases 62,000 logins [update]

The Internet underground has erupted in civil war, with hacker groups LulzSec and Anonymous facing off in a DDoS battle. Oh, and your most precious online accounts might also be at risk. Just FYI...

Anonymous leaks 10,000 ‘top secret’ Iranian gov’t emails

Hacker group Anonymous has successfully stolen and released more than 10,000 emails from Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More attacks on the repressive regime are said to be "in the works."
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Facebook blasts man who claims to own the social network, may not know what it’s talking about

Facebook says that Paul Ceglia, the man who claims to own a $13.5 billion stake in Facebook, is a "scam artist." Unfortunately for the social network, they appear to have nothing to back that up.