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BBC suspends all 3D content production due to low demand

Definitely another nail in the coffin for the future of 3D television, BBC has decided to end a two year trial of 3D content production citing extremely low demand for the service among UK viewers.
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Goodbye 3D programming, ESPN 3D shutting down by end of the year

As 3D adoption continues to limp along among U.S. consumers, ESPN has made a decision to stop producing 3D programming and get rid of the ESPN 3D channel in order to free up resources for Ultra HD.
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ESPN 3D faces an uncertain future

ESPN admits it's unsure about the future of 3D TV programming, but will commit for at least another year. Will it finally catch on, or is 3D just not welcome in the home?
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Verizon Plans 3D TV Packages For the Holidays

Verizon plans to upgrade its FiOS system in order to sell 3D TV packages before the end of the year.
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ESPN 3D to Test Market for 3D Sports Programming

ESPN has announced it plans to launch a new network and use it to broadcast a minimum of 85 live sporting 3D.