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Facebook users unknowingly gave companies permission to see private messages

Another day, another Facebook privacy scandal. Facebook's third-party API practices are once again under scrutiny after an investigative report showed Facebook gave companies access to private messages.
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Facebook confirms it’s making a big move with many of its executives

Facebook's leadership structure looks a bit different now but even users that don't care about the who's who of Facebook could see the effects as the company creates teams for privacy tools and blockchain technology.
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Facebook labels you as a liberal or conservative — here’s how to turn it off

As you click around Facebook, the network tracks whether your views are liberal, conservative, or somewhere in between, as well as your political party. Find that level of tracking creepy? There's an option to remove both labels.
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Facebook’s photo tag suggestions could violate Illinois law — and cost billions

A federal judge has again dismissed Facebook's request to throw out a lawsuit that claims the social network's suggested photo tags tool breaks an Illinois law that prevents storing biometric data without consent.
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Cambridge Analytica used more apps to steal data, former employee claims

During testimony to a U.K. Parliment committee, former Cambridge Aanlaytica employee Brittany Kaiser says she's "almost certain" the number of Facebook users with compromised data is more than 87 million.
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9 things to know about Facebook privacy and Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica's use of data mined from a third-party app is drawing scrutiny to Facebook's privacy practices in what the network now says could affect as many as 87 million people. So what should users know?
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Facebook apologizes after a glitch saved discarded webcam videos

Facebook found a bug that saved discarded draft videos shot on the platform with a webcam, but says those videos will be deleted from the platform's data. The webcam feature has already been replaced by Facebook Live.
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Facebook rolls out stricter rules regarding email-targeted advertisements

In order to address the fallout surrounding the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is rolling out a policy of stricter enforcement of its privacy rules regarding email-targeted advertisements.
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Facebook: Yes, we track your calls and texts, but you told us we could

Facebook is speaking out after Android users discovered the network has data on their call and text history. The platform confirmed the feature but says it's is only used when users give permission to sync their contacts.
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Facebook under fire in Europe for lack of transparency over data practices

Facebook has come under scrutiny by lawmakers in France and the Netherlands for failing to keep customers adequately informed about the myriad of ways in which it uses their data.
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Lock down your Facebook profile security with the social network’s new privacy tool

Worried about your Facebook privacy? Then you need to check out Facebook’s new profile security guide. The interactive tool, dubbed Privacy Basics, is a must for both newcomers and ardent users interested in maintaining their online…
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Facebook denies using your location data to suggest friends

Facebook is under scrutiny once again over privacy fears. This time the issue is its "people you may know" feature, which the social network has admitted uses your location to suggest friends. The good news is you can put a stop to it.

Facebook loses first stage of privacy lawsuit over photo-tagging feature

Facebook is set to face a privacy lawsuit regarding its photo-tagging feature after a federal district court Judge rejected the social network’s request to have the action dismissed.
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Facebook’s latest test feature notifies you if someone is impersonating your account

Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature that will alert you when someone is suspected of impersonating your account by using your name and photo. The function is already available in 75 percent of the world, with plans for further…

Student files privacy lawsuit against Facebook, gets 2,000+ people to join him

Facebook is under fire for privacy violations in Europe once again. Austrian law student Maximilian Schrems now has thousands of supporters in his class-action lawsuit against the social network.
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Loophole lets anyone see part of your Facebook friend list, even if it’s set to private

Facebook doesn't think it's a problem, but your friend list isn't as private as you think it is. Even if you're taking all the proper precautions, a security researcher found that pieces are accessible to strangers.
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This video proves we still don’t understand how much we’re sharing on social networks

This video, called Social Media Experiment, makes it all too clear how easy it is for complete strangers to learn a lot of intimate details about you.
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Here’s a Facebook game where nobody’s a winner

If you have nothing better to do, give yourself a refresher on Facebook security through this new game. Prepare to get a little scared.