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Facebook wants you to share your to-do, bucket lists with a colorful status

Got a list worth sharing? Facebook is making it easier with a new status update style for creating organized lists on colorful backgrounds. Becuase who doesn't want to see their friends' to-do list?
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Facebook’s translation methods are faster — including at catching violations

A new Facebook A.I. means both faster translations -- and more accuracy at catching policy violations across multiple languages. The update is made possible through a technique called multilingual embedding.
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Facebook terminates the ticker, the ‘creeper feed’ of every interaction

The Facebook ticker, the network's real-time list of every like, comment and post from friends is no more. Facebook recently confirmed the feature is no longer available after users took to the help forum to find it.
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Facebook Explore Feed ends tests, arrives on mobile and desktop browsers

The new Facebook Explore Feed is a custom news feed filled with suggested posts based on who you follow and what your friends liked. The feature is now part of the desktop version, after testing in mobile.
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Swap from Facebook to Instagram without navigating back to that home screen

Tired of navigating between Facebook and Instagram? The process is getting a bit simpler with a minor update to the Facebook menu. The shortcut means there's no going back to the home screen to switch.
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Facebook wants you to find friends with similar interests in latest app update

A new Facebook things in common feature allows users to see what they have in common with other users, including mutually liked pages, events attended, places lived, and even work history.
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Party like it’s your birthday — Facebook just launched new celebration tools

Whether you're having a birthday or celebrating a friend's, Facebook birthday options now offer new options for giving and well-wishing. Users can now choose a charity to raise donations for or share animated birthday videos.

Upcoming Facebook redesign to feature circular profile shots, fewer blue bars

Nope, you're not seeing things -- a Facebook redesign means the news feed will start looking a bit different over the next few weeks. The announcement comes at the same time as new Facebook Camera features.
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Facebook’s teens-only app Lifestage has flunked out of the App Store

Facebook Lifestage, an app designed exclusively for high schoolers, is no longer available to download, while the Groups stand-alone app also gets the ax. Facebook says Lifestage influenced a number of new features inside the main app.
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Facebook is now making it easier to spot a fake — before even clicking that link

Facebook Related Articles could prevent users from sharing fake news without reading the article first, thanks to the recommendations that now start showing up before the click. The feature begins rolling out today.
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With new public privacy setting, Facebook Stories not just for friends anymore

Stories aren't just for friends -- Facebook profiles that allow public followers can now make their Stories public. The feature allows the self-deleting 24-hour Stories to be shared among more than just friends.
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Facebook encourages official ‘super fan clubs’ with new Groups for Pages

Facebook users can now easily see which Groups are official and which ones are fan-created with new Groups for Pages. The feature is now globally available after beginning testing in March.