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Leafy greens are grown by machines at new, automated Silicon Valley farm

Farming hasn't changed too much for hundreds of years. Now a new startup called Iron Ox has opened its first automated hydroponics farm, producing a variety of leafy greens tended by machines.

From picking to pollinating, agribots are pushing farming into the future

Farming is becoming increasingly challenging. To deal with environmental pollution, labor shortage, and other major issues, agricultural scientists are turning to robots and AI.
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To give bees a break, farmers pollinated an apple orchard using drones

A New York orchard recently called in local drone startup Dropcopter and its pollen-spreading UAVs to perform the world’s first apple orchard pollination by drone. Here's why that matters.
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A Swiss weedkiller robot could curb our dependence on herbicides

A Swiss company called ecoRobotix recently unveiled its contribution to automated agriculture -- a robotic weed-killing machine, that may reshape the way we approach agriculture by used microdoses of herbicides

‘Stardew Valley’ finally gets multiplayer beta, and you can try it now

The beta version of Stardew Valley's multiplayer mode is available to play on PC, provided that Steam users have opted to allow beta modes. The game is also available on Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.
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The ‘fog harp’ pulls water out of thin air, could help drought-prone communities

By taking advantage of parallel wire arrays that line up like the string of a harp, engineers have designed a device that may be able to extract three times as much water from fog as previous tools.
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Cross a John Deere with a Roomba, and you get this crop-monitoring robot

TerraSentia is a four-wheeled farm robot that boasts a variety of sensors that can monitor and transmit crop data in real time. It won’t take full autonomy over a farm but is designed to serve as a little cog in a bigger machine.
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Probiotics for plants? Here’s how AI-optimized bacteria could accelerate agriculture

Indigo Agriculture has a plan is to pump plants with a bunch of beneficial microbes to make the crops grow faster, stronger, and more productively. It’s a long shot, but it could give farmers access to crops that not only grow better in…
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How ‘speed breeding’ could supercharge farming to save us from starvation

Scientists recently published a paper detailing a new "speed breeding" technique that may revolutionize the way we grow crops and accelerate the rate at which we can develop hardier, healthier, and more versatile plants in the face of…
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Panasonic built a robot gentle enough to pick tomatoes, but not exactly graceful

Planning on finding a new job for 2018? You can cross “tomato picker” off the list now that a new tomato-harvesting robot has made its debut at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.
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Should we call them marsworms? Study suggests earthworms thrive in Martian soil

Good news for future Martian botanists! Scientists from the Netherlands have concluded that Mars soil may be close enough to the stuff found back on Earth that earthworms can live in it.
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Birds eating your crops? $10k laser turrets will solve that problem

After its crop of blueberries were decimated by hungry birds last year, one Oregon farm decided to bring in laser guns as a modern scarecrow upgrade. It worked out incredibly well.
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Robot farmers have successfully planted and harvested barley by themselves

From planting to tending and harvesting, no human stepped foot on the acre and a half barley farm in rural England. The manual labor in the project, called Hands Free Hectare, was done entirely by robot farmers.
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This handheld scanner lets farmers analyze their crops in seconds

GrainSense is a smart device that lets farmers scan their crops with various frequencies of near-infrared light to find out the levels of protein, moisture, oil, and carbohydrate in their grain.
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To feed a growing population, scientists want to unleash AI on agriculture

According to present estimates, a global food shortage crisis could occur by the year 2050. Scientists at Carnegie Mellon are using drones, robots and AI to revolutionize farming before we hit that point.
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Shrimp from the Sahara sounds crazy, but it may be the future of aquaculture

The world's oceans are polluted and overfished, and wild seafood populations are dwindling -- but luckily, there's a revolutionary new seafood farming technique on the rise that might ensure we never run out of shrimp.
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From corn to cattle, gene editing is about to supercharge agriculture

Dubbed the "CRISPR Revolution," scientific advances in gene editing have huge potential that many experts think could help fortify our food system and feed an increasing global population that's threatened by climate change.
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Wannabe urban gardeners, how about this indoor farm to get you started?

Fancy trying a spot of urban gardening but worried your apartment is too small? Then here's a compact solution to get you started. The Altifarm features a space-saving modular design that lets you grow grub year-round.