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Microsoft is making it easier to share OneDrive files in Windows and Mac

Microsoft is introducing some significant improvements to its OneDrive cloud storage service by way of a new, simplified sharing experience that now allows sharing from Windows File Explorer and MacOS Finder.

Kim Dotcom’s latest court battle is live-streaming on YouTube right now

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is currently fighting extradition to the U.S., with the entire courtroom battle being shown live online. Facing copyright infringement charges, Dotcom could ultimately face decades in jail if the case moves to…

BitTorrent dives into Spotify’s world with on-demand streaming app BitTorrent Now

BitTorrent launched its Bundle platform in 2013 as a way to help artists distribute their work. Now the platform is being renamed as BitTorrent Now, and now offers free streaming of both video and music.

The end of Mega? Kim Dotcom tells users to back up files ‘ASAP’

The end of Mega is coming, founder Kim Dotcom implied this week. Pointing to financial problems, he told users to back up files as soon as possible in a Tweet. Dotcom is currently appealing extradition from New Zealand to the U.S.

Meet Droplr, the Dropbox competitor you should have been using all along

Droplr is easier to use than Dropbox, more powerful, and totally free if you don't need to send big files or keep them around for long.

How to share files and folders on Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service (formerly and somewhat more colorfully known as SkyDrive) is a perfectly serviceable "bucket" of data storage, but it really shines when you pair it up with Windows itself. It's also fairly…

Online pirates in U.K. could soon face 10-year prison terms

The U.K.'s Conservative government is considering increasing the maximum penalty for online pirates from 2 years to 10. The move would target large-scale piracy operations engaged in the copying and distribution of content such as movies…

WaferApp makes file sharing as easy as a fist bump, when it works

All it takes to move files between your phone and computer is a simple tap with Waferapp, a web and smartphone app that makes file sharing simple as a fist bump between your devices.

New Sony Pictures movies leaked online following recent hack

Hackers that hit Sony Pictures' internal computer system last week appear to have leaked online a number of Sony-backed movies, including yet-to-be released 'Annie,' and Brad Pitt's 'Fury.'

Game over: Third and final Pirate Bay co-founder arrested in Thailand

The last Pirate Bay co-founder still walking free has just been apprehended in Thailand, and will be deported to Sweden to answer for his crimes.

Prince drops $22 million lawsuit against ‘bootlegging’ fans

Prince caused quite a stir earlier this week when it emerged he was suing 22 individuals – some of whom were apparently fans – for alleged copyright infringement regarding concert recordings posted online. He now appears to have dropped…

Pirate Bay uploads spike 50 percent, thwarting anti-piracy groups

The Pirate Bay has thwarted domain name seizures in 2013 and enjoyed a 50 percent increase in file uploads over the the last year. The site's resiliency likely means that it will be alive and well deep into the new year, and beyond.

Man fined over $650k for sharing content via Swebits

You may think that sharing and downloading movies is a victimless crime, but try telling that to an unidentified Swedish man who has pay hundreds of thousands in fines, and much more.

Facebook to track user data to stop piracy?

Facebook just acquired a patent that will allow it to track some of the data provided by its users in an effort to combat illegal file sharing activities occurring over the social network.

Hotfile shuts down permanently after settlement with MPAA

After the MPAA and file sharing service Hotfile reached a settlement totaling tens of millions of dollars, Hotfile has decided to shut its doors permanently, making the announcement on its official site.

Pirate Bay next on anti-piracy group’s hit list

Popular piracy site Pirate Bay may soon again be under fire if an anti-piracy group in Norway has its way. This comes after a slew of movie streaming sites were blocked in the U.K and Denmark.

The end of illegal file sharing? Netflix, YouTube push P2P Web traffic down 66 percent

File sharing in North America was a lot more popular five and ten years ago than it is now, according to a report from Sandvine, a networking firm that released some pretty interesting traffic numbers.

5 free BitTorrent clients to get you downloading in no time

Check out this list of the best free BitTorrent clients to get a quick rundown of the best software and see how the programs stack up against each other