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Speedrunner transforms Super Mario World into Flappy Bird without hacking tools

Old-school video game console hacking reached new levels of ridiculousness this week, as speedrunner SethBling has transformed Nintendo's 16-bit platformer Super Mario World into a Flappy Bird clone without assistance from pre-programmed…

And the most-searched game of 2014 was… sigh

The gaming press may have been dominated by AAA blockbusters like Destiny, Dragon Age and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but Flappy Bird was the biggest thing in gaming for 2014.

Did you know? There’s a Flappy Bird Easter egg inside of Android Lollipop

Previous versions of Android have included Easter eggs inside of the Settings app, and the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop developer preview is no different. Going to Settings will let you play a fully-featured Flappy Bird clone.

Atari founder: Simple sells, but Flappy Bird’s creator will struggle to do it twice

Flappy Bird has a sequel called Swing Copters, but will it attain anywhere near the same success as Flappy Bird? We speak with Atari founder Nolan Bushnell to find out.

Google has already taken down hundreds of Swing Copters clones

Google has reportedly removed hundreds of clones of Swing Copters, Dong Nguyen's follow-up to Flappy Bird. The clones prevented the original game from becoming the top search result for "Swing Copters."
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Prepare to get annoyed: Flappy Bird follow-up Swing Copters is now on Android and iOS

Flappy Bird follow-up Swing Copters launched Wednesday night, ensuring that for many mobile gamers the immediate future will consist mostly of colorful expletives, gritted teeth, and eye-popping frustration.

Flappy Bird creator gears up to launch next blocktastic game: Swing Copters

If you wasted days of your life on Flappy Bird earlier this year, then beware. The game's developer, who killed off his creation because its popularity ruined his life, is about to launch his follow-up effort: Swing Copters.

Over 250 Flappy Bird clones reportedly contain malware

According to security firm McAfee, 80 percent of Flappy Bird clones contain some kind of malware. While it's in the company's best interest to alert users of this, it's still prudent to practice smart tactics when it comes to sketchy…

Flappy Bird creator says he might let game fly again

If you never had a chance to download Flappy Bird but are curious to know what it's like to feel frustration on a level never before experienced by humankind, then there's good news – its creator is considering re-releasing it.

More than 800 Flappy Bird clones still exist: Here are a few of our favorites

According to Zedge, more than 800 Flappy Bird clones exist on the Google Play Store, some of them with some absolutely ridiculous names. We found a few of these apps you just have to see for yourself.

Flappy Bird phenomenon: Clones make up a third of new iOS games

If Apple's app store team really was blocking Flappy Bird clones earlier this month, it seems like they may have given up and gone home, with a report claiming that a third of the 300 new games landing in the iOS store Thursday were Flappy…

Apple and Google now rejecting games with “flappy” in the title

Still working on a Flappy Bird clone? You might want to rethink its title, because developers have reported that both Apple and Google are blocking apps that try and mimic the hugely popular original.