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What is Microsoft Silverlight?

What is Silverlight? This framework once rivaled Adobe Flash but never became Microsoft's dominant platform.
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Olympus shooters will soon have 1,000mm lenses and wireless flash capability

The Olympus family is about to gain longer lenses and a native wireless flash system. Olympus announced the development of the M.Zukio Digital ED 150-400mm F/4.5 TC1.25x IS Pro, as well as the new FL-700WR and wireless flash commander system.
olympus 150 400mm lens fl 700wr flash

Adobe Flash will soon be going the way of the dodo in Google Chrome

Google has announced that before the year's end, Chrome will block Flash content by default in favor of HTML5. The change follows on the heels of similar announcements by Microsoft and Firefox developer Mozilla.

OCZ Vertex 460 SSDs available for pre-order now

Well, that was fast. OCZ is offering new SSDs for pre-order on the same day that Toshiba completed its acquisition of the firm. You can read more about the new SSDs, dubbed the Vertex 460 series, here.
ocz vertex 460 ssds available pre order now