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The Godox V1 with the MagGrip 2 attached to the head.

This Black Friday speedlight deal is for all photographers

The Godox V1 flash is a venerable speedlight available for all major camera platforms. And it's available at a deep discount for Black Friday.
The Flash in promo art for the Flashpoint Paradox.

Like DC’s The Flash? Then watch these great superhero movies

Surface Pro 6 Review

What is Microsoft Silverlight?

google wants to kill urls make the internet safer chrome url

How to enable Flash in Google Chrome

adobe flash logo

RIP Adobe Flash. Here’s how to uninstall it

olympus 150 400mm lens fl 700wr flash

Olympus shooters will soon have 1,000mm lenses and wireless flash capability

adobe hack 1 million fine

Firefox will disable Flash on its browsers by default in 2019

How to install Flash on an Android phone or tablet

dt daily adobe flash eliminated 00 02 12 08 still021

Adobe’s Flash Player will officially be put to rest, in 2020

FedEx Van delivering shipments on a city street.

FedEx is paying people to use Adobe Flash for Office Print service

LG 22CV241 Chromebase review macro Chrome logo

Adobe Flash blocked by default for all users in the latest version of Chrome

facebook flash vs snapchat facebookflash03

Facebook’s Flash photo-sharing app eyes emerging markets as a Snapchat clone

transcend ssd230 3d nand flash solid state drive

Transcend uses 3D Flash storage technology in its SSD230 solid-state drive

Transcend launched a new solid-state drive that uses vertically stacked 3D NAND Flash technology. This enables faster performance than SSDs using 2D Flash.

Adobe Flash will soon be going the way of the dodo in Google Chrome

Google has announced that before the year's end, Chrome will block Flash content by default in favor of HTML5.
western digital offices

Western Digital and Toshiba stack ’em tall with latest 3D NAND storage breakthrough

Western Digital announced that development of its next-generation BiCS3 3D NAND technology is complete, packing 64 layers of vertical storage capacity.
firefox 58 may be first major browser to block canvas fingerprinting mac screen desk

Firefox will begin blocking specific, unnecessary Flash content, starting in August

Mozilla recently said that Firefox will begin blocking certain "invisible" Flash content that's not relevant to the browsing experience starting in August.
cactus v6 ii offers high speed sync

Multi-brand flash transceiver upgraded with high-speed sync

The latest flash transceiver from Cactus allows for high-speed sync -- and the company is saying it works even with flashes that don't offer HSS.
adobe flash logo

Flash: Adobe issues emergency update after ransomware attacks

1150218 autosave v1 2 microsoft edge win 10 icon

Microsoft Edge will halt Flash-based objects in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Microsoft has made a change to the Edge browser that halts Flash object playback. The move is to conserve power and increase browser performance.
new defenses make flash more difficult to hack adobeflash

Adobe desperately patches more holes in the sinking ship that is Flash

Once again, Adobe has identified a slew of vulnerabilities in the latest version of Flash, one of which is already being used by attackers.
first images of hawkgirl and hawkman

With leather and mace, it’s the first photo of Hawkgirl and Hawkman

See the first image of Hawkgirl and Hawkman, the super pair slated to appear in this fall's new CW series Legends of Tomorrow
chrome cant handle this string of 16 characters google

Google will automatically pause Flash ads and videos in Chrome starting Sept. 1

Google announced that it will automatically pause Flash content in its Chrome browser starting Sept. 1.
strongbad homestar flash death

Homestar and Strongbad on the woes of Flash’s demise

adobe exploit scarcruft heartbleed bug hacker

Netragard stops selling exploits for fear of how they may be used

One of the companies that was found to be selling zero day exploits to the admonishe,d Hacking Team, Netragard, has said it's going to stop it entirely.
new defenses make flash more difficult to hack adobeflash

Adobe and Google join forces to strengthen Flash defenses against hacks

A series of cyber attacks targeting Adobe's Flash Player has led to a strengthening in the company's defenses, according to Ars Technica.
misfit flash link smart button wearable screen shot 2015 07 16 at 6 27 20 pm

Misfit’s newest product is the $20 Flash Link, the universal remote control and fitness tracker

Misfit debuted their latest product offering, the Flash Link, on Thursday for the breezy price of just $19.99.
adobe flash logo

Facebook’s head of security wants an ‘end-of-life’ date for Flash

Facebook's chief security officer has called for Adobe to end Flash and set a future transition date so browsers can prepare.
nova accessory flash brings untethered lighting iphone af0c8c9a 608c 436c ab3c 37f41e2bf11b

Nova flash accessory brings untethered lighting to iPhone

The Nova flash is a wireless iPhone accessory that lets you get creative with lighting.

New zero-day Adobe Flash vulnerability discovered by research firm

A new Adobe Flash hole has been discovered and used in attacks on multiple websites.
ocz vertex 460 ssds available pre order now

OCZ Vertex 460 SSDs available for pre-order now

Well that was fast. OCZ is offering new SSDs for pre-order on the same day that Toshiba completed its acquisition of the firm.
dc using tv properties fill ranks justice league arrow featured

Could DC be using its TV properties to fill out the ranks of the Justice League movie?

Lightstrap iPhone Case

This iPhone case has a clever flash that’s 10x brighter than the one in your 5S

sandboxed adobe flash player mavericks increase security safari mac os x

Sandboxed Adobe Flash Player in Mavericks should increase security in Safari

Adobe says that by sandboxing Adobe Flash Player in Mac OS X Mavericks, security should be boosted significantly when using Safari.
Anobit MSP flash controller

Report: Apple concludes Anobit acquisition for $500 million