Here are the best same-day flower-delivery sites for Mother’s Day

Need some flowers in a hurry? No matter the occasion, when you need flowers, you need them quickly and want them looking crisp. These online florists have you covered with same-day flower delivery so your bouquets arrive fresh.
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Creative AI makes epic dinosaur art by cleverly arranging pictures of flowers

Australian artist Chris Rodley is using artificial intelligence (AI) to mash up a book of dinosaur pictures with a book of flower paintings to create some trippy images. The results are amazing.

Bouqs is planning to disrupt the flower delivery industry

here to help you show your appreciation for the phenomenal individuals who held you when you cried, laughed at all your jokes, and are, in a word, wonderful, is flower startup Bouqs.
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It’s not too late to order flowers! And these sites make it quick and painless

Flowers are a staple gift for Valentine's Day (and every other holiday). If you're behind, here are some of the best sites for ordering a bouquet, whether you're looking to link up with a local florist or include a peppering of chocolates…
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Flower blooms in space for first time, bringing deep-space travel a step closer

For long missions into deep space, astronauts will need a "space garden" on board their craft. They've already grown lettuce on the ISS, but now they're making serious progress with flowers, opening the up the possibility of food from other…
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The ISS gets some glitz as astronauts plant the first flowers in space

Manned missions into deep space will require plenty of food for astronauts during the long journey. With that in mind, NASA has for a while been cultivating vegetables on the ISS, and to learn more about plant growth in space, it's now…

Watch flowers reveal their hidden beauty in this time-lapse video

Photographer David de los Santos used only a Fujifilm bridge camera, two lights, and a black backdrop to create this beautiful time-lapse video of flowers blooming.
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No green thumb needed with the Click & Grow electronic plant pot

Who needs a garden when you've got an electronic plant pot to grow you flowers? Check out the Click & Grow system, which allows users to grow flowers, basil, and tomatoes with only 4 AA batteries and a bottle of water.

Are Groupon deals losing their true value?

Complaints against Groupon mount as a $20-off coupon turns out to be something less, thanks to a retailer inflating prices for Groupon customers.