JPEG vs. PNG: When and why to use one format over the other

JPEG vs. PNG: Which one is better for your needs? While there’s a lot of math going on behind the scenes, it boils down to a few key differences that make each format better in specific situations.

New Xbox One Experience update causing hard drive troubles for some users

As a number of Reddit users have reported, consoles with the Windows 10-inspired "New Xbox One Experience" installed are failing to format newly connected hard drives.

Look out Jack White: Trevor Jackson’s new album released on 12 old-school formats

In an homage to tangible music formats, Trevor Jackson has released his latest album, Format, across 12 different mediums, including vinyl, CD, Reel-to-Reel, and VHS.

How to format a hard drive with Windows 7

Looking to format your hard drive? In this guide, we'll give you step-by-step instructions about how to format a hard drive in Windows 7 with screenshots for each step to make the process easy to follow.

MP3 Players That Rock

Check out these five unique alternatives to Apple?s ubiquitous and pricy ?pods.

Is it Time for a Home Server?

We look at the increasingly popular gadgets you may have never realized you had a use for.

Nvidia and Acer Ionize the Desktop PC to Spite Intel

A marriage between Intel and Nvidia produces an amazing product, but not everyoneâ??s happy.

Group Cooks up New Photo Metadata Standard

The Metadata Working Group has proposed a new format to standardize the way metadata, like when and where photos were taken, is stored alongside the actual photo files.

Office 2007 SP2 to Include ODF Support

Microsoft has announced Office 2007 will gain support for Open Document Format (ODF) and PDF in the first half of 2009.

Microsoft’s OOXML Gets ISO Approval

Microsoft's proposed Open Office XML (OOXML) document format standard has received fast-track approval from the ISO.

Microsoft Takes OOXML Back to the Table

Microsoft is taking its Open Office XML format back to the ISO/IEC standards body, hoping to improve on its 53 percent show of support back in September.
Home Theater

Warner Drops Total HD Dual-Format Discs

Warner Bros. has backed away from its "Total HD" dual format high-definition discs, saying it doesn't solve any problems for retailers.