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Ninja can now play as himself in Fortnite, and so can you

Epic Games added a skin of popular streamer Ninja to Fortnite in the first part of its Icon Series. The skin is joined by a special pickaxe, Back Bling, and emote in the game's item shop.
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Blizzards randomly appearing in Fortnite hint at upcoming map changes

Blizzards have started to randomly appear in most of Fortnite's game modes, causing limited visibility amid whistling winds.
Fortnite Lazy Lake Tree

Fortnite might be getting a new map and a Chapter 2 if latest leak proves true

Epic Games is reportedly planning to give Fortnite a slightly different name as major changes come to the battle royale shooter. It is scheduled to end its Season 10 content this weekend.

Fortnite will roll out Reboot Vans, much like Apex Legends’ Respawn Beacons

Epic Games will soon roll out Reboot Vans to Fortnite, to give squads a chance to bring back their fallen teammates. They will work very similarly to the Respawn Beacons of Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends.
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