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A Defiant standing with a gun in front of a large yellow X.

How to get XCoins in XDefiant

XDefiant may be free, but it still wants you to spend money on XCoins. Are there any other ways to get this premium currency? We know all the options available.
Three contestants jumping into an arena in The Finals.

Is The Finals cross-platform?

Redcap in a bucket bath.

How to get the free Redcap skin in Fortnite

Three scary soldiers by a red sign.

The best classes in The Finals

Cars fly off and away from a goal explosion in Rocket League.

The best free Nintendo Switch games

Donald Duck walks through a town in Disney Dreamlight Valley,

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley free to play?

Vantage stands with her sniper rifle in Apex Legends.

The best free-to-play games for 2023

10 essential tips for Arena Mode in Apex Legends

The best free FPS games you can play right now

Fortnite character holding the Shockwave Hammer.

Fortnite Chapter 4 is plagued with bugs, and it’s spoiling my hammer time

new fortnite season weapons armored character aiming with a dmr in rocky field

The best free PS5 games

best free ps4 games dauntless to play

The best free PC games

A large group of DC and Warner Bros characters stand together in MultiVersus.

All the free characters in MultiVersus right now

Overwatch 2's Witch Kiriko posing with a broom.

Overwatch 2’s item prices are the scariest part of its Halloween event

Overwatch 2's Halloween event is giving out more tricks than treats due to its high item prices.
Kiriko dressed as a witch.

Overwatch 2 Halloween event guide

This is a fantastic first event to experience during Halloween. For all the details on the new Junkenstein's Revenge seasonal mode in Overwatch 2, read on.
Wrecking ball and his ball mech.

Overwatch 2: How to unlock competitive mode

Overwatch 2's main ranked playlist mode isn't available until you meet certain requirements in-game. Here's how to unlock the competitive mode in Overwatch 2.
Kiriko throws items in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 battle pass explained: characters, boosts, cost, and more

To clear up all the questions that Blizzard has left ambiguous or simply hidden from you, here is a full explanation for how the Overwatch 2 battle pass works.
The teenage mutant ninja turtles in knockout city holding dodgeballs.

Knockout City Season 7: Mutant Mutiny stars Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Knockout City's seventh season, aptly titled Mutant Mutiny, introduces the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Two characters sitting on a grassy cliff.

Tower of Fantasy beginner’s guide: 9 tips and tricks to get started

Players new to the genre shouldn't miss out, so we've come up with the most essential tips and tricks that can help players get started with Tower of Fantasy.
Tom and Jerry, Stephen Universe, Superman, and Shaggy fight in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Season 1 will kick off next week after initial delay

MultiVersus' delayed first season will begin next week and Morty will join the roster the week after.
Harley quinn and taz looking afar.

How to earn gold in MultiVersus

You should try to focus your efforts to earn as much gold as you can. There are a few methods to try out, so here are the best ways to earn Gold in MultiVersus.
Jinx and Echo fight in League of Legends fighting game Project L.

League of Legends fighting game will be free-to-play

Riot Games confirmed that its League of Legends fighter is going free-to-play.
A character roster of WB characters.

The best characters to unlock first in MultiVersus

Whether you're trying to unlock your old favorite or want to play the strongest character in the MultiVersus meta, here's the best characters to unlock first.
is fall guys cross platform featured

Fall Guys cross-platform support: Everything we know

Is Fall Guys cross-platform? Here's everything we know about crossplay, cross-save, and split-screen multiplayer in Mediatonic's family-friendly battle royale.
diablo immortal mobile will be huge for blizzard featured

Diablo Immortal class guide: Which choice is right for you?

We'll go through each class in Diablo Immortal so you know what type of experience you can expect to have and which one is right for you.
diablo immortal mobile will be huge for blizzard featured

Diablo Immortal surprise-launches early on mobile

Diablo Immortal has already started showing up in app stores one day ahead of its official launch.
ubisofts roller champions release date

The long-delayed Roller Champions finally launches May 25

Ubisoft announced that Roller Champions will finally be rolling out on May 25, nearly three years since its announcement at E3 2019.
Wraith steps out of a portal in Apex Legends.

How to preregister for Apex Legends Mobile

With new modes and features exclusive to this version, you'll want to make sure to get in early for an edge. Here's how to preregister for Apex Legends Mobile.
Jonesy running in Fortnite.

How to play Fortnite on a Chromebook

If you want to bring your Fortnite experience on the go on your Chromebook, here are a few ways you can board the battle bus and join in on the battle royale.
genshin impact how to level up fast and earn xp travelers

How to level up your characters quickly in Genshin Impact

Building a party of powerful characters in Genshin Impact is satisfying, but it can take a lot of work. Here's how to level up fast in Genshin Impact.
Creatures battle in Temtem

The best early-access games

Some of the best games ever made have come from the early-access model, so we've gathered up a list of the best games that just might be the next massive hit.
Seer taunting towards the camera.

Apex Legends Seer guide: How to play, abilities, and lore

Seer's strengths have only just begun to be recognized, so let's go over his lore, abilities, and how best to use this stylish legend in combat in Apex Legends.
Genshin Impact characters in front of a dragon.

Genshin Impact: Everything new in the 2.0 update

It can be hard to keep up with everything new in this huge open world game, so here's everything new in the Genshin Impact 2.0 update you need to know about. 
Dauntless player attacking Behemoth.

The best games like Monster Hunter

Looking across every platform, we've found the best games like Monster Hunter you can play now, including some surprising picks you might not have thought of.
destiny 2 gambit guide tips and tricks featured

Destiny 2 Gambit guide: Tips and tricks to defeat the Primeval first

Want to bank more motes, summon the Primeval faster, and dispatch invaders with ease? Our Destiny 2 Gambit guide walks you through the basics.