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How to watch Samsung launch an exciting new Galaxy tablet and Galaxy watch

Samsung will launch a new Galaxy Tab tablet and a new Galaxy Watch over the next few days, ahead of the main event on August 7 — the launch of the Galaxy Note 10. The events will be livestreamed on Samsung's website.
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The new $250 Nook E tablet is a 9.6-inch Samsung slate in disguise

Barnes & Noble has announced another Nook tablet. This time it's the Nook E, and it's based on a little seen Samsung tablet released earlier this year. It's priced at $250 and available right now.
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Clash of the titans, day one: Apple and Samsung patent dispute lands in U.S. court

Apple's epic case against Samsung for allegedly copying the iPhone and iPad finally hits a U.S. court room today. What's at stake for both companies, and what does it mean for other smartphones and tablets?

German court upholds Samsung Galaxy Tab injunction

An injunction barring the the sale of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet in Germany has been uphold, although a final ruling is due September 9.
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