Gaming Laptops

MSI’s updated gaming laptop lineup will let you enter VR from anywhere

MSI has introduced three new gaming laptops with VR support at Computex 2017, including the thin and light GS63VR and GS73VR, the uniquely styled GE63VR and GE73VR, and the ultra-powerful GT75VR.

Asus 15.6-inch Full-HD Gaming Laptop is now $150 off retail price

If you're looking to invest in a gaming laptop, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg, look at a more affordable option such as this Asus 15.6-inch Full-HD Gaming Laptop currently marked down to only $800 on Amazon.

Razer’s latest ‘Blade’ boasts cutting-edge hardware and a 4K Display

Razer unveiled the 2017 update to its popular Razer Blade lineup on Friday and the new notebooks are just packed with high-end hardware. The new 14-inch Razer Blades come in two flavors, starting at $1,900.

Close to the Metal Ep 28: The tricky art of building a gaming laptop

Even the most appealing gaming laptops aren't immune to challenges, and one slip-up could mean the difference between portable gaming heaven and dead laptop hell. Join us as we explore the potential pitfalls.

Lenovo’s Legion Y720 could be a VR gamer’s best friend, if everything goes according to plan

Lenovo's all-new Legion Y720 has a great lineup of features for players who own a VR headset, including a "VR Upscaling" feature that no competitor offers.

Rumor: Nvidia 980MX and 970MX updates coming this summer

Nvidia will release the Geforce GTX 980MX and 970MX this summer, according to the latest rumors. The GPUs will bring mobile gaming a little bit closer to desktop gaming.

MSI storms CES with massive gaming all-in-one, eye-tracking laptop

At CES, gaming PC specialist MSI unveiled an impressive stack of high-performance devices, four of which are new or revised laptop entries, while the remaining four are pre-built desktop PCs.

Gaming laptops have come a long way, but desktops still reign supreme

If you've been mulling over whether a gaming laptop or desktop is best, you've come to the right place. Everything from the CPU to GPU is covered in excruciating detail just for you

MSI takes a titanic step forward with a massive gaming laptop and a graphics card dock

MSI has announced their new line of gaming-centric PCs and all-in-one solutions headlined by the dual-GPU Titan notebook.

A new challenger appears: Velocity Micro enters laptop gaming arena

Velocity Micro's new line of custom laptops give players the power to build the exact computer they need with all the features they want, and nothing else they don't.

Gigabyte’s latest lightweight is a top-notch gaming laptop

Gigabyte is getting serious about its gaming laptop prospects, offering up an Alienware contender that's incredibly beefy yet light as an ultrabook.

The Omen 15 is a sign that HP is putting Alienware in its crosshairs

HP is getting back into the notebook gaming space with the Omen 15. Learn more here.