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FCC proposal could help Google Fiber roll out to more cities

Gigabit internet could get a boost in the U.S. if the FCC votes to approve a new proposal affecting how utility poles are managed. This could help new service providers, like Google Fiber, rapidly deploy its fast internet service.

Twisted photons may give the speed of fiber optics with the conveniences of Wi-Fi

Fiber optics are great for those who can afford them and live in areas where the service is available, but researchers have discovered a means of twisting light that could give us wireless data that is as fast as fiber optics.

Google Fiber’s Webpass expands gigabit internet to condo in Seattle

Webpass, the Google Fiber-owned gigabit wireless company, is expanding service to its seventh market later this year -- a luxury Seattle condo. It'll cost $60 per month for internet 20 times faster than the average U.S. connection.
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FCC filings reveal that Google is working on a 4K wireless Fiber TV box

In November, reports surfaced of a 4K wireless TV set-top box on the way for Google Fiber TV customers, now recent FCC filings point to the box possibly arriving before this summer.

Google's superfast Webpass internet is making its way to Seattle and Denver

Google's wireless high-speed internet service, Webpass, is expanding to Seattle and Denver in the coming months. It marks a shift in Google's internet strategy from fiber technologies to wireless alternatives.

Google Fiber will downsize, likely shifting focus from broadband to wireless

An Alphabet spokeswoman has confirmed that the company plans to reassign hundreds of workers currently assigned to the Google Fiber project, amid persistent reports of a new focus on wireless internet.

Google Fiber, AT&T Fiber turn Kentucky city into gigabit battleground

Back in the gigabit internet game with a wireless and fiber optic cable hybrid, Google Fiber is taking on AT&T Fiber in Louisville, Kentucky. AT&T is stringing cable and Google will employ the hybrid to cut wireline costs and hassle.

Google Fiber expands to Raleigh, N.C.

Google Fiber, the search giant's eponymous internet service, is now available in Raleigh, North Carolina. It coincides with news of Google's continued support of Webpass in the six metro areas.
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Google’s updated Fiber TV mobile apps let you record shows from anywhere

If you’re a Google Fiber TV subscriber, it’s easier than ever to use, thanks to its new mobile apps, which allow for recording shows while on the go, along with new recommendation and DVR features.
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Microsoft goes all in on 3D, rolls out new Surface Studio desktop PC

Also today: Google Fiber runs into a tangle of trouble, and after Microsoft's big day, all eyes are Apple's MacBook event set for tomorrow following a not-so-hot earnings call.

Google has 'paused' its deployment of Fiber internet in 11 U.S. cities

Google has "paused" its deployment of gigabit internet service Fiber in 11 cities following layoffs and the departure of its parent company's CEO. It's already available in nine U.S. cities.

Google Fiber isn't just fiber anymore — now it offers wireless service, too

With its acquisition of high-speed wireless internet access provider Webpass now completed, Google Fiber gets ready to offer hybrid systems. Future deployments will be all-wireless, all-fiber, or a hybrid of each technology.

Nokia Bell Labs tests internet connection 1,000 times faster than Google Fiber

Conducted in conjunction with other researchers, Nokia Bell Labs used a new transmission technique to achieve a transfer rate close to the theoretical limit -- one terabyte per second.
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Google upgrades Fiber TV with smart search, new look, RT ratings

Possibly ideal for anyone that currently subscribes to Google Fiber, the user interface to Google's Fiber TV platform has been overhauled with a new design in addition to a few new features.

Google Fiber is one step closer to reality in Nashville, despite AT&T’s objections

Despite objections from the likes of Comcast and AT&T, Nashville's Metro Council has advance its proposal to bring Google Fiber to the city, moving it one step closer to a reality after a long, drawn-out legal situation.

Google Fiber and AT&T await Nashville utility pole vote scheduled for Tuesday

Google Fiber wants to move all wires on Nashville utility poles, no matter who owns them. AT&T says it will sue if the city approves. Vote on Tuesday. Google Fiber wants to make progress with fiber optic internet access, AT&T says…

AT&T executive calls out Google Fiber — ‘Pardon our dust’

In a mocking, pointed, and detailed blog post, an AT&T executive traces its version of Google Fiber's entry into the broadband internet market. According to the post, AT&T keeps on deploying fiber optic cable while Google Fiber complains.

AT&T says slow pole access due to Google Fiber providing bad drawings

Blaming bad engineering drawings and unacceptable contractor assignments for moving and installing cables, AT&T explains slow pole access for Google Fiber. Google Fiber has had slow going in Nashville and has placed the blame on…